Antioxidants in Science, Technology, Medicine and Nutrition book cover

Antioxidants in Science, Technology, Medicine and Nutrition

The use of antioxidants is widespread throughout the rubber, plastics, food, oil and pharmaceutical industries. This book brings together information generated from research in quite separate fields of biochemical science and technology, and integrates it on a basis of the common mechanisms of peroxidation and antioxidant action. It applies present knowledge of antioxidants to our understanding of their role in preventing and treating common diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, ischemia, pancreatitis, hemochromatosis, kwashiorkor, disorders of prematurity and disease of old age. Antioxidants deactivate certain harmful effects of free radicals in the human body due to biological peroxidation, and thus prevent protection against cell damage. The book is of considerable interest to scientists working in the materials and foodstuff industries, and to researchers seeking information on the connection between diet and health, and to those developing new drugs to combat diseases associated with oxidative stress. It is important also throughout the non-medical world, especially to the work force within the affected industries.

Hardbound, 348 Pages

Published: May 1997

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-898563-31-0


  • Good coverage in technological situations, medicine and nutrition. Delivers on mechanisms and helps to peak antioxidant research in life sciences. Recommended., Polymer News
    The idea of collectively presenting information about antioxidants in technology and biology is certainly useful. The extensive chapter references provide a historical overview of the literature dating back to early in this century. Many figures, tables and schemes explain chemical and biological reactions., Choice
    This distillation of a lifetime of work by one of the world’s leading experts should find an essential place on the desk of anyone interested in oxidative deterioration of organic materials and ways of stopping it. A ‘‘must have’’ for anyone in the field., Polymer Degradation and Stability


  • Peroxidation in chemistry and chemical technology; The biological effects of peroxidation; Chain-breaking antioxidants; Preventative antioxidants, synergism and technological performance; Antioxidants in biology; Antioxidants in disease and oxidative stress; References and index.


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