Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, 32

  • David Robertson, Clinical Research Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
    • Annette Doherty, Pfizer Global R&D, Sandwich Laboratories, United Kingdom
      • William Hagmann, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research
        • Jacob Plattner
          • Winnie Wong
            • George Trainor
              • James Bristol, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research


              Medicinal, pharmaceutical, and organic chemists.


Book information

  • Published: September 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-040532-9


This series is one of the very few annual publications which justify the title of an absolute must for the pharmacologist, chemist, or physician who is interested in the chemistry of drug development.

All topics are covered in sufficient depth, with extensive references, to allow either the specialist or the novice to be informed of the latest developments in a particular area of medicinal chemistry.

Table of Contents

D.W. Robertson, Central Nervous System Diseases:T. Branchek and J.E. Audia, Recent Advances in Migraine Therapy. V. John, L.H. Latimer, J.S. Tung, and M.S. Dappen, Alzheimers Disease: Recent Advances on the Amyloid Hypothesis. D.R. Gehlert and M. Heiman, Obesity: Leptin--Neuropeptide Y Interactions in the Control Body Weight. C.D. Mahle, K.S. Takaki, and A.J. Watson, Melatonin Receptor Ligands and Their Potential Clinical Applications. P.J. Gilligan, P.R. Hartig, D.W. Robertson, and R. Zaczek, Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone (CRH) Receptors and the Discovery of Selective Non-Peptide CRH Antagonists. S.G. Mills, Recent Advances in Neurokinin Receptor Antagonists. A.M.Doherty, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases: X-M. Cheng, K. Ahn, and S.J. Haleen, Endothelin Inhibitors. W.C. Ripka and G.P. Vlasuk, Antithrombotics/Serine Proteases. R.L. Bell, J.B. Summers, and R.R. Harris, Leukotriene Modulators as Therapeutic Agents in Asthma and Other Inflammatory Diseases. C.M. Hayward and M.J. Bamberger, Emerging Opportunities in the Treatment of Atherosclerosis. J.J. Plattner, Cancer and Infectious Diseases: J.M. Domagala and J.P.Sanchez, New Approaches and Agents to Overcome Bacterial Resistance. L. Katz, D.T. Chu, and K. Reich, Bacterial Genomics and the Search for Novel Antibiotics. A. Molla and W.E. Kohlbrenner, Resistance to Antiretroviral Drug Therapy. S.H. Krawczyk and N. Bischofberger, Non-HIV Antiviral Agents. P.A. Lartey and C.M. Moehle, Recent Advances in Antifungal Agents. D. Powell, J. Skotnicki, and J. Upeslacis, Angiogenesis Inhibitors. K.G. Coleman, J.P. Lyssikatos, and B.V. Yang, Chemical Inhibitors of Cyclin-Dependent Kinases. W.K. Hagmann, Immunology, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Diseases: J.C. Kath, D.C. Hanson, and K.G. Chandy, T Lymphocyte Potassium Channel Blockers. D.W. Combs, Male Contraception. S. Nagpal and R.A.S. Chandraratna, New Dermatological Agents for the Treatment of Psoriasis. P. Prasit and D. Riendeau, Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors. R.P. Nargund and L.H.T. Van der Ploeg, Growth Hormone Secretagogues. W.W. Wong, Topics in Biology, Novel Gene Switches for the Regulation of Gene Expression. R.A. Black, T.A. Bird, and K.M. Mohler, Agents that Block TNF-I Synthesis or Activity. D.W. Robertson, D.J. Manglesdorf, P.J. Willy, and R.A. Heyman, Nuclear Orphan Receptors: Scientific Progress and Therapeutic Opportunities. G.L. Trainor, Topics in Drug Design and Discovery: B.A. Beutal, Discovery and Identification of Lead Compounds from Combinational Mixtures. C. Fenselau,Electrospray Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Adducts Between Therapeutic Agents and Proteins. E.E. Sugg, Nonpeptide Agonists for Peptide Receptors: Lessons from Ligands. S.K. Wrigley and M.I. Chicarelli-Robinson, Natural Products Research and Pharmaceuticals in the 1990s. J.H. Lin and A.Y.H. Lu, Inhibition of Cytochrome P-450 and Implications in Drug Development. J.A. Bristol, Trends and Perspectives: P. Galatsis, To Market, To Market--1996. Compound Name, CodeNumber, and Subject Index, Volume 32. Cumulative Chapter Titles Keyword Index, Volumes 1-32. Cumulative NCE Introduction Index, 1983-1996. Cumulative NCE Introduction Index, 1983-1996, By Indication.