Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, 31

  • David Robertson, Clinical Research Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
    • Annette Doherty, Pfizer Global R&D, Sandwich Laboratories, United Kingdom
      • Jacob Plattner
        • William Hagmann, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research
          • Winnie Wong
            • George Trainor
              • James Bristol, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research


              Medicinal, pharmaceutical, and organic chemists.


Book information

  • Published: September 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-040531-2


"This series is one of the very few annual publications which justify the title of an absolute must for the pharmacologist, chemist, or physician who is interested in the chemistry of drug development."

"This book is strongly recommended for researchers, teachers, students, administrators--in short, anyone whose interests impinge on medicinal chemistry. In view of the work's documented reference value, it is a must for inclusion in the scientist's personal library."
"All topics are covered in sufficient depth, with extensive references, to allow either the specialist or the novice to be informed of the latest developments in a particular area of medicinal chemistry."

Table of Contents

D.W. Robertson, Central Nervous System Diseases: P.A. Hipskind and D.R. Gehlert, Neuropeptide Y: At the Dawn of Subtype Selective Antagonists. R.C. Miranda and F. Sohrabji, Gonadal Steroid Receptors: Possible Roles in the Etiology and Therapy of Cognitive and Neurological Disorders. M. Williams and S.S. Bhagwat, P2 Purinoceptors: A Family of Novel Therapeutic Targets. D.J. Madge and A.M. Batchelor, The Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors.D.C. Rees and D.R. Hill, Drugs in Anesthetic Practice. A.M. Doherty, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases: J.J. Edmunds, S.T. Rapundalo, and M.A. Siddiqui, Thrombin and Factor Xa Inhibition. M. Czarniecki, H.-S. Ahn, and E.J. Sybertz, Inhibitors of Types I and V Phosphodiesterase: Elevation of cGMP as a Therapeutic Strategy. J.A. Stafford and P.L. Feldman, Chronic Pulmonary Inflammation and Other Therapeutic Applications of PDE IV Inhibitors. M.A. Lago, J.I. Luengo,C.E. Peishoff, and J.D. Elliott, Endothelin Antagonists. J. Samanen, GPIIb/IIIa Antagonists. P. Charlton and M. Sumner, Atherothrombogenesis. C.J. Swain and R.J. Hargreaves, Neurokinin Receptor Antagonists. J.J. Plattner, Cancer and Infectious Diseases: B.H. Jaynes, J.P. Dirlam, and S.J. Hecker, Antibacterial Agents. R.D.G. Cooper and R.C. Thompson, Semisynthetic Glycopeptide Antibiotics. M.C. Murray and M.E. Perkins, Chemotherapy of Malaria. D.W. Fry, Recent Advances in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors. W.R. Baker, T.M. Arain, R. Shawar, C.K. Stover, and L.A. Mitscher, Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Biology of Antimycobacterial Agents. S. Ayral-Kaloustian and J.S. Skotnicki, Ras Farnesyltransferase Inhibitors. W.K. Hagmann, Immunology, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Diseases: T.A. Grese and J.A. Dodge, Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Effects in Non-Traditional Target Tissues. V.W. Engleman, M.S. Kellogg, and T.E. Rogers, Cell Adhesion Integrins as Pharmaceutical Targets. D.R. Gehlert, D.J. Goldstein, and P.A. Hipskind, Treating Obesity in the 21st Century. P. Da Silva Jardine and D. Thompson, Anti-Osteoporosis Agents. J.E. Macdonald, Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors. W.K. Hagmann, J.W. Becker, and M.W. Lark, Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases. W.W. Wong, Topics in Biology: G. Draetta and M. Pagano, Cell Cycle Control and Cancer. D.K. Miller, Regulation of Apoptosis by Members of the ICE Family and the BcI2 Family. P. Lamb, H.M. Seidel, R.B. Stein, and J. Rosen, The Role of JAKs and STATs in Transcriptional Regulation by Cytokines. J. Adams and R. Stein, Novel Inhibitors of the Proteasome and Their Therapeutic Use in Inflammation. B. Stein and D. Anderson, The MAP Kinase Family: New MAPs for Signal Transduction Pathways and Novel Targets for Drug Discovery. G.L. Trainor, Topics in Drug Design and Discovery: S.J. Archer, P.J. Domaille, and E.D. Laue, New NMR Methods for Structural Studies of Proteins to Aid in Drug Design. I.C. Choong and J.A. Ellman, Solid-Phase Synthesis: Applications to Combinatorial Libraries. J.A. Loo, D.E. DeJohn, R.R.O. Loo, and P.C. Andrews, Application of Mass Spectrometry for Characterizing and Identifying Ligands from Combinatorial Libraries. R.E. Olson and D.D. Christ, Plasma Protein Binding of Drugs. J.A. Bristol, Trends and Perspectives: X.-M. Cheng, To Market, ToMarket--1995. A. Tulinsky, The Protein Structure Project, 1950-1959: First Concerted Effort of a Protein Structure Determination in the U.S. Compound Name, Code Number, and Subject Index, Volume 31. Cumulative Chapter Titles Keyword Index, Volumes 1-31. Cumulative NCE Introduction Index, 1983-1995. Cumulative NCE Introduction Index, 1983-1995, By Indication.