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Animal Migration, Orientation and Navigation

Animal Migration, Orientation, and Navigation presents the various aspects of animal migration, including the evolution of migration, climatic and meteorological influences, and bioenergetics. This book discusses the physiological control, sensory systems, orientation and navigation, and biological clocks and phenology aspects of animal migration.Organized into five chapters, this book begins with an overview of the migration strategies of animals in the context of a space continuum. This text then explains the influence of short- and long-term climatic cycles on the spectrum of migratory patterns in nature. Other chapters consider the energetic requirements of different migration strategies and the energy stores of the migrants. This book discusses as well the physiological basis of animal migration, with emphasis on endocrinal findings on the timing and energetic aspects of different migration strategies. The final chapter deals with the mechanisms used in direction finding by migrating animals.This book is a valuable resource for biologists and ecologists.

Hardbound, 387 Pages

Published: January 1981

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-277750-9


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    1 Ecology and Evolution of Migration

    I. The Phenomenon of Migration and Some Problems of Definition

    II. The Vertical Migration of Plankton

    III. The Dispersal of Planktonic Larvae

    IV. The Migrations of Demersal and Terrestrial Crustaceans

    V. Migration of Insects and Other Terrestrial Arthropods

    VI. Migration in Fishes

    VII. Migration in Amphibians and Reptiles

    VIII. Migrations of Birds

    IX. Migrations of Mammals

    X. Discussion: The Evolution of Migration

    XI. Addendum


    2 The Influences of Long-Term and Short-Term Climatic Changes on the Dispersal and Migration of Organisms

    I. Introduction

    II. Environmental Determinants of Distribution and Abundance

    III. Paleoclimatological Changes and Biogeographical Migrations

    IV. Annual Climatic Periodicities and Seasonal Migrations

    V. Diel and Semidiel Periodicities and Migrational Responses

    VI. Overview


    3 The Energetics of Migration

    I. Introduction

    II. Energy Reserves

    III. Energetic Costs of Migration

    IV. Summary

    V. Addendum


    4 Physiology of Migration

    I. General Introduction

    II. Bird Migration

    III. Fish Migration

    IV. Migration in Other Vertebrates

    V. Invertebrate Migrations

    VI. Conclusions and Projections


    5 Mechanisms of Orientation, Navigation, and Homing

    I. Introduction

    II. Visual Orientation Mechanisms

    III. Nonvisual Orientation Mechanisms

    IV. Integration of Orientation Cues

    V. Homing and Navigation

    VI. Conclusions


    Subject Index

    Species Index


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