Animal Biotechnology and the Quality of Meat Production book cover

Animal Biotechnology and the Quality of Meat Production

This volume is the first in a series of reports of workshops on "The use of animal biotechnology, to improve animal health status and meat quality". This subject covers several points of focus, involving items as diverse as grassland utilization and meat quality perception. "Animal biotechnology" was defined to include manipulation of reproduction; genetic manipulation of animals (transgenic animals); development of diagnostics and vaccines; and the use of growth promoters (performance enhancers) that manipulate digestion (e.g. probiotics) or tissue metabolism (e.g. somatotropins). The volume adopts a multidisciplinary approach to animal biotechnology and its relation to meat production.


Published: April 1991

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-88930-0


  • An Introduction to the project. Preface. Opening address. Invited papers. Principles of genetic manipulation of livestock (B. Brenig and G. Brem). Impact of biotechnology on breeding for meat production (A.G. de Vries and T.H.E. Meuwissen). Growth promoters and meat yield (L.O. Fiems, B.G. Cottyn and Ch.V. Boucqué). Manipulation of muscle mass (J.M. Dawson and P.J. Buttery). Reducing fat quantity: implications for meat quality and health (J.D. Wood, M. Enser and P.D. Warris). Sensory quality of meat as affected by muscle biochemistry and modern technologies (A. Ouli). Assessment of meat quality (K.O. Honikel). Animal biotechnology and meat processing (D. Demeyer and K. Samejima). Biotechnology and animal welfare (T. Grandin). Consumer perception of meat and meat production (G. Harrington). The residue problem (G. Maghuin-Rogister). Animal Health Industry's views on the EEC initiatives in biotechnology for agriculture (J. Vanhemelrijk and C. Verschueren). Porcine somatotropin, another step toward leaner pork (R.D. Hedde and T.O. Lindsay). Posters. Selection for growth rate or for feed efficiency in meat-type chickens alters the pulsatile growth hormone secretory pattern (J. Buyse et al.). Effect of recombinant human IGF-I on growth, food conversion and fat distribution in relation to hormone plasma levels in broiler chicks (E. Decuypere et al.). Improving the growth of cattle in the tropics (D.B. Lindsay et al.). Effect of breed and fat supplementation in diet on plasma metabolites, muscle characteristics and meat quality in young bulls (C. Van Eenaeme et al.). Research on genetics of lactobacilli (T.W. Aukrust et al.). Collagen crosslinks and meat tenderness (D.J. Horgan and L.B. Kurth). Effects of &Bgr;-adrenergic agonist cimaterol on carcass and meat quality of finishing pigs (J. Salobir et al.). Can meat quality be assessed histochemically? (P. Henckel). Workshop conclusions. List of participants.


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