Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases book cover

Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases

Avoid complications associated with unusual and complicated diseases with help from this classic source! Previously edited by Dr. Jonathan Benumof, Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases, 5th Edition features new editorial leadership from Dr. Lee A. Fleisher, an acknowledged leader in the field of perioperative medicine and anesthesiology. Now with coverage of pediatric topics and fully revised chapters, most by new contributors, this edition brings you the latest knowledge and techniques. A new, more user-friendly page layout with algorithms, shaded boxes, and "Most Common" lists makes getting information much easier.

Anesthesiologists, Anesthesia Residents, Nurse Anesthetists, Health Science Libraries


Published: October 2005

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-2212-1


  • 1. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases

    2. Uncommon Cardiac Diseases

    3. Congenital Heart Disease

    4. Respiratory Diseases

    5. Liver Diseases

    6. Obesity and Nutritional Disorders

    7. Renal Diseases

    8. Neurologic Diseases

    9. Muscle Diseases

    10. Skin and Bone Disorders

    11. Hematologic Diseases

    12. Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism

    13. Diseases of the Endocrine System

    14. Mitochondrial Disease

    15. Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders

    16. Patient on Herbal Medications

    17. Trauma and Acute Care

    18. Burns

    19. Pregnancy and Complications of Pregnancy

    20. The Geriatric Patient

    21. The Pediatric Patient



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