Anatomy & Physiology - Text and Elsevier Adaptive Learning Package book cover

Anatomy & Physiology - Text and Elsevier Adaptive Learning Package

Corresponding chapter-by-chapter to Anatomy & Physiology, 8e, Elsevier Adaptive Learning combines the power of brain science with sophisticated, patented Cerego algorithms to help you learn faster and remember longer. It’s fun; it’s engaging; and it’s constantly tracking your performance and adapting to deliver content precisely when it’s needed to ensure core information is transformed into lasting knowledge.


Published: December 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-323-28815-6


  • UNIT ONE: The Body as a Whole
    Introduction: Seeing the Big Picture
    1. Organization of the Body
    2. The Chemical Basis of Life
    3. Anatomy of Cells
    4. Physiology of Cells
    5. Cell Reproduction
    6. Tissues

    UNIT TWO: Support and Movement
    7. Skin and its Appendages
    8. Skeletal Tissues
    9. Skeletal System
    10. Articulations
    11. Anatomy of the Muscular System
    12. Physiology of the Muscular System

    UNIT THREE: Communication, Control, and Integration
    13. Nervous System Cells
    14. Central Nervous System
    15. Peripheral Nervous System
    16. Autonomic Nervous System
    17. Sense Organs
    18. Endocrine Regulation
    19. Endocrine Glands

    UNIT FOUR: Transportation and Defense
    20. Blood
    21. Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System
    22. Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
    23. Lymphatic System
    24. Immune System
    25. Stress

    UNIT FIVE: Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion
    26. Anatomy of the Respiratory System
    27. Physiology of the Respiratory System
    28. Anatomy of the Digestive System
    29. Physiology of the Respiratory System
    30. Nutrition and Metabolism
    31. The Urinary System
    32. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
    33. Acid-Base Balance

    UNIT SIX: Reproduction and Development
    34. Male Reproductive System
    35. Female Reproductive System
    36. Growth and Development
    37. Genetics and Heredity

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