Anatomy and Physiology Applied to Obstetrics


  • S. Verralls

A useful small book for midwives that studies anatomy and physiology as applied to obstetrics and gynaecology.  The text looks at the physiology of pregnancy and is well illustrated.
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Book information

  • Published: February 1993
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-04211-9

Table of Contents

The Female Breasts. The Female Pelvis. The Pelvic Floor (Or Pelvic Diaphragm). The Bladder and Urethra. The External Genital Organs. The Vagina. The Cervix. The Uterus. The Fallopian Tubes and the Ovaries. The Male Reproductive System. Conception, Contraception, Infertility. Early Development of the Placenta and Chorion. The Placenta at Term. Development of the Fetus, Amniotic Membrane and Amniotic Fluid. The Fetal Skull. Bibliography. Index