Analysing Health Policy book cover

Analysing Health Policy

A Problem-Oriented Approach

This work explores Australian health policy by using the longstanding analytical approach of identifying and describing policy problems and exploring realistic solutions.

The diversity of health policy is reflected in the structure of the book, with covers the policy process, governance of the health system, values in policy making and responses to both perennial and emerging problems in Australian health policy.

This book provides an analytical introduction to health policy, is a practical teaching text which introduces students to a conceptual approach to policy analysis, and is a rich source of pertinent, research-based, case studies.

Analysing Health Policy is of direct relevance to students and practitioners engaged in the study or administration of health policy.

Undergraduate and post-graduate students undertaking units in health policy, particularly within public health, health services management, and health promotion degrees.


Published: November 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7843-1


  • Preface

    List of abbreviations

    I Health policy: an overview

    1. A problem-orientated approach to policy analysis, Simon Barraclough and Heather Gardner

    2. The context: the Australian health care system and major policy players, Heather Gardner and Simon Barraclough

    3. Structural and institutional problems and health policy in Australia, Andrew Podger

    4. Policy making as a process, Heather Gardner and Simon Barraclough

    5. Policy development and implementation, Iain Butterworth

    6. Health impact assessment and policy problems, Mary Mahoney

    II Governance of the health system

    7. Health policy making in a federal system of government, Hal Swerissen and Stephen Duckett

    8. Managerialism, the public service, and decision making in health, Brigid McCoppin

    9. Political, social and institutional factors in regulating complementary and alternative therapies, Vivian Lin

    10. Problems in health information policy, Kerin Robinson, Dianne Williamson and Heather Grain

    III Values in health policy

    11. The problem of trust in public policy, Rae Walker

    12. The dilemma of public advocacy: the Maria Korp case, Julian Gardner

    13. Cultural diversity and the health care system, Megan-Jane Johnstone and Olga Kanitsaki

    14. The problem of risk in health care policy: the case of “Dr Death”, Matthew Jackson

    IV Responding to perennial or emerging health policy problems

    15. Health policy for the aged, Carol Grbich

    16. Free trade and pharmaceutical drugs policy, Rebecca de Boer

    17. Mental health policy, Fiona Judd

    18. Accommodating new technology: robotics in prostate cancer surgery, Rosemary Watts, Marie Botti and Heather Gardner

    19. Rehabilitation policy and post-injury vocational achievement, Greg Murphy and Peter Foreman

    20. Professional substitution in the health workforce, Rosalie Boyce

    21. Risk management and food safety, Jim Smith



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