Analog Circuit Design

A Tutorial Guide to Applications and Solutions

Edited by

  • Bob Dobkin, Linear Technology Corporation, Milpitas, CA, USA
  • Jim Williams, Linear Technology Corporation, Milpitas, California

* Covers the fundamentals of linear/analog circuit and system design to guide engineers with their design challenges.

* Based on the Application Notes of Linear Technology, the foremost designer of high performance analog products, readers will gain practical insights into design techniques and practice.

* Broad range of topics, including power management tutorials, switching regulator design, linear regulator design, data conversion, signal conditioning, and high frequency/RF design.

* Contributors include the leading lights in analog design, Robert Dobkin, Jim Williams and Carl Nelson, among others.

* Online support package, including LTspiceÒ software, Design Notes, plus videos and data sheets can be found at

Analog circuit and system design today is more essential than ever before. With the growth of digital systems, wireless communications, complex industrial and automotive systems, designers are challenged to develop sophisticated analog solutions. This comprehensive source book of circuit design solutions will aid systems designers with elegant and practical design techniques that focus on common circuit design challenges. The book’s in-depth application examples provide insight into circuit design and application solutions that you can apply in today’s demanding designs.

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Electronics engineers and designers; electronics technicians; engineering students; electronics hobbyists, circuit designers, electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, or electrical engineering students.


Book information

  • Published: August 2011
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-385185-7


"This book is a great companion volume to Volume I with informative application notes and a full complement of reference designs. The chapters are not just every day application notes and reference designs, but give insights to problem-solving, design decision-making the thought process that goes along with a robust, successful design. That's why I love this book…This book is a keeper that needs to be on every designer's bookshelf, right next to Volume I.", March 5, 2013
"Subtitled 'Immersion in the black art of analog design', this huge book has over 1,200 A4 pages of joy…you will learn something from every page…delightfully readable.", April 11, 2013
"…this is quite an extensive work with 1250 pages. A collection of "application notes"…[it will] help you understand and solve practical problems. Here interesting questions will be answered such as ‘Why is my phone ringing,’ but also highly complex power supply circuits."--Design and Elektronik, February 2013, page 51 (in German)
"For analog designers or anyone who brushes against analog design issues…Analog Circuit Design: A Tutorial Guide to Applications and a great place to start. Each time I look through this book, I get new insight and understanding based on the knowledge, experience, challenges, and mysteries the authors and other contributors bring…books like this can help you get your job done faster and with fewer re-spins."--Planet Analog, January 22, 3013
"This in-depth source book of circuit design solutions supplies engineers with practical design techniques that focus on common analog challenges. The full support package includes online resources such as data sheets, design notes and LTspice design simulation software tools from Linear Technology." and others, December 19, 2012 and December 17, 2012
"The 932-page book compiles 41 of Linear Tech's applications and each app note has its own chapter. The book divides information into two sections; one that covers power management (19 app notes) and a second that covers data conversion, signal conditioning, and Highfrequency & RF (22 app notes)... Anyone who works with analog electronics--and those who hope to--should own a copy of this book."
"This is a handsome book that I will happily find space for on my shelf. It is extremely good value for money and is, thank heavens, a prime example of why it will be some time before e-books have a real place in the publication of technology texts. There should be a place for this latest ANALOG Circuit Design in the hands of every novice, journeyman, and experienced analog designer."--
"[I]n September, three months after a stroke ended Jim’s life, the book - what may be the only coffee table book for analog engineers - came out. What’s remarkable is how easy it is to get into, how much it makes you want to browse - like a traditional coffee-table book. As my friend Paul Rako, described Jim’s writing style, ‘He never tried to impress you with his math or his intellect. He didn't make things complicated so you would think he was smart. He made things look simple. That is why he was brilliant.’"--Electronic

Table of Contents

Part 1: Power Management

Section 1 Power Management Tutorials

Performance Enhancement Techniques for 3-Terminal Regulators (AN2)

Ceramic Input Capacitors Can Cause Overvoltage Transients (AN88)

Minimizing Switching Regulator Residue in Linear Regulator Outputs (AN101)

Transient Load Testing for Voltage Regulators (AN104)

Section 2 Switching Regulator Design

Switching Regulators: Theory and Practice (AN19)

Switching Regulators for Poets (AN25)

Some Thoughts on DC/DC Converters (AN29)

Step-Down Switching Regulators (AN35)

Theoretical Considerations for Buck Mode Switching Regulators (AN44)

A Monolithic Switching Regulator with 100µV Output Noise (AN70)

Powering Complex FPGA-Based Systems Using Highly Integrated DC/DC µModule Regulator Systems (AN119A)

Powering Complex FPGA-Based Systems Using Highly Integrated DC/DC µModule Regulator Systems (AN119B)

Diode Turn-On Time Induced Failures in Switching Regulators (AN122)

Section 3 Linear Regulator Design

High Efficiency Linear Regulators (AN32)

Performance Verification of Low Noise, Low Dropout Regulators (AN83)

Section 4 High Voltage and High Current Applications

Parasitic Capacitance Effects in Step-Up Transformer Design (AN39)

High Efficiency, High Density, PolyPhase Converters for High Current Applications (AN77)

High Voltage, Low Noise, DC/DC Converters (AN118)

Section 5 Powering Lasers and Illumination Devices

A Fourth Generation of LCD Backlight Technology (AN65)

Ultracompact LCD Backlight Inverters (AN81)

A Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Controller for Fiber Optic Lasers (AN89)

Current Sources for Fiber Optic Lasers (AN90)

Bias Voltage and Current Sense Circuits for Avalanche Photodiodes (AN92)

Simple Circuitry for Cellular Telephone/Camera Flash Illumination (AN95)

Section 6 Automotive and Industrial Power Design

Extending the Input Voltage Range of PowerPath Circuits for Automotive and Industrial Applications (AN107)

Developments in Battery Stack Voltage Measurement (AN112)

Part 2: Data Conversion, Signal Conditioning and High Frequency/RF

Section 1 Data Conversion

Some Techniques for Direct Digitization of Transducer Outputs (AN7)

Circuitry for Single Cell Operation (AN15)

The Care and Feeding of High Performance ADCs: Get All the Bits You Paid for (AN71)

Component and Measurement Advances Ensure 16-Bit DAC Settling Time (AN74)

A Standards Lab Grade 20-Bit DAC with 0.1ppm/°C Drift (AN86)

Delta Sigma ADC Bridge Measurement Techniques (AN96)

1ppm Settling Time Measurement for a Monolithic 18-Bit DAC (AN120)

Section 2 Signal Conditioning

Applications for a Switched-Capacitor Instrumentation Building Block (AN3)

Application for a New Power Buffer (AN4)

Thermal Techniques in Measurement and Control Circuitry (AN5)

Application Considerations and Circuits for a New Chopper-Stabilized Op Amp (AN9)

Designing Linear Circuits for 5V Operation (AN11)

Designs for High Frequency Voltage-to-Frequency Converters (AN14)

Power Gain Stages for Monolithic Amplifiers (AN18)

Applications for a DC Accurate Lowpass Switched-Capacitor Filter (AN20)

Composite Amplifiers (AN21)

Micropower Circuits for Signal Conditioning (AN23)

Thermocouple Measurement (AN28)

FilterCAD User’s Manual, Version 1.00 (AN38)

Take the Mystery Out of the Switched-Capacitor Filter: The System Designer’s Filter Compendium (AN40)

Bridge Circuits (AN43)

High Speed Amplifier Techniques (AN47)

A Seven Nanosecond Comparator for Single Supply Operation (AN72)

30 Nanosecond Settling Time Measurement for a Precision Wideband Amplifier (AN79)

Understanding and Applying Voltage References (AN82)

Instrumentation Applications for a Monolithic Oscillator (AN93)

Slew Rate Verification for Wideband Amplifiers (AN94)

Instrumentation Circuitry Using RMS -> DC Converters (AN106)

Section 3 High Frequency/RF Design

Low Noise Varactor Biasing with Switching Regulators (AN85)

Low Cost Coupling Methods for RF Power Detectors Replace Directional Couplers (AN91)

WCDMA ACPR and AltCPR Measurements (AN99)

Measuring Phase and Delay Errors Accurately in I/Q Modulators (AN102)