Anaerobic Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters


  • Michael F. Torpy

Describes several types of anaerobic treatment for municipal and industrial wastewaters.
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Municipal solid waste (MSE) and material recovery facilities (MRFs).


Book information

  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1165-6

Table of Contents

Advances in Anaerobic Biotechnology for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Introduction Cell Immobilization Enhanced Specific Activity SummaryAnaerobic Treatment of Pharmaceutical Fermentation Wastewater Pharmaceutical Industry Waste Treatment Abbott Wastewater Treatment Experience Anaerobic System Evaluation Full Scale ImplementationAnaerobic Treatment of Pulp and Paper Wastewaters Introduction Suitability, Biodegradability and Toxicity of Pulp and Paper Wastewaters Process Selection and Design Research Issues in the Pulp and Paper IndustryAnaerobic Wastewater Treatment of a Fuel Ethanol Facility Introduction South Point Ethanol The Wastewater The Pilot Study Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Start-Up and Operation Treatment Cost ConclusionsMicrobiological Aspects of Anaerobic Digestion Introduction Microbial Interactions Monitoring and Process Control Effective Biomass Measurement Biomass Activity Measurements Anaerobic Biofilm Formation Sludge Granulation Micronutrient Effects Biomass Characterization ConclusionReactor Design Considerations and Experiences with Various Wastewaters Introduction The UASB Reactor Project DescriptionsAnaerobic Marketing - Three Cases in Point Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Problems in the Marketing of Anaerobic SystemsMonsanto Perspective on Anaerobic Treatability of Industrial Wastes Introduction Anaerobic Screening Technique Monsanto Anaerobic Treatability Case Studies Summary and Lessons LearnedIndustrial-Scale Anaerobic Treatment of Yeast Fermentation Wastewater Introduction The Biothane System Treatment of Bakers Yeast Wastewater System Performance Overview Daily System Performance Discussion and SummaryAnaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor Treatment of Coal Conversion Wastewaters Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors Serum Bottle Studies Acclimation Studies 4-L AnSBR StudiesPotential for Anaerobic Treatment of High Sulfur Wastewater in a Unique Upflow-Fixed-Film Suspended Growth Reactor Undesirable Effects of H2S Sulfide Toxicity Present Day Solution (Sulfide Toxicity) Gas Laws Alternative Solutions Advantage of High Recycle RateThe Hiperion Process: An Advanced Method of Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from BiogasDorr-Oliver's Experience with Anaerobic Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters Anitron Process Description Mars Process DescriptionHyan Process Treats High Strength Wastewater and Generates Usable Energy The Problem Innovative Technology Full Scale Application Operating Results Investment Payback Widespread ApplicabilityBiosulfix: An Anaerobic Treatment Process for High Sulfate Wastestreams and Sludges Background Information Recovery of Sulfur from FGD and Municipal Sewage Sludges and Wastewater Sulfate Containing Waste from Specialty Chemical Manufacturing SummaryThe Celrobic Process - Performance Stability Introduction Biomass Control Development Commercial ExperienceAnaerobic Treatment of Industrial Wastes Testing Program Results Concluding Remarks