An Introduction to Western Medical Acupuncture


  • Adrian White, PhD, MA, BM, BCh, MA MD BM BCh, Clinical Research Fellow, Primary Care Research, Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Plymouth, UK. Editor, Acupuncture in Medicine.
  • Mike Cummings, MB, ChB, Dip Med Ac, Medical Acupuncturist; Medical Director, British Medical Acupuncture Society, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, London, UK
  • Jacqueline Filshie, MBBS, FRCA, MB BS FRCS, Consultant Anaesthetist, The Royal Marsden NHS Trust; Honorary Senior Lecturer, Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey, UK

This book is a clear and practical introductory guide to the practice of medical acupuncture. It describes the Western medical approach to the use of acupuncture as a therapy following orthodox diagnosis. The text covers issues of safety, different approaches to acupuncture, basic point information, clinical issues and the application of acupuncture in clinical conditions, especially in the treatment of pain.
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Book information

  • Published: October 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-07177-5


"Written by a trio of very experienced acupuncture practitioners, clinicians and researchers, the book is a ‘one-stop shop’ in Western medical acupuncture...I am confident that it will be able to stand on its own and establish itself as THE modern manual of medical acupuncture. I do not think I will stop recommending it."
Focus on Alternative and Complimentary Therapies, 2009

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Section I Principles
2. An overview of Western medical acupuncture
3. Neurological mechanisms I: local effects
4. Neurological mechanisms II: segmental analgesia
5. Neurological mechanisms III: extrasegmental analgesia
6. Neurological mechanisms IV: central regulatory effects
7. Myofascial trigger points
8. Traditional Chinese acupuncture reinterpreted

Section II: The evidence
9. Clinical research into the effectiveness of acupuncture
10. Evidence on the safety of acupuncture

Section III: Practical aspects
11. Preparation for treatment
12. Effective needling techniques
13. Safe needling
14. Other acupuncture techniques

Section IV: Treatment manual
15. Treatment guidelines
16. Reference charts: points and innervation