An Introduction to Marine Geology book cover

An Introduction to Marine Geology

An account of some aspects of marine geology and marine geophysics, comprehensible to those at an early stage in their study of geology and to scientists who are not specialists in these fields. There are many biologists, chemists, mathematicians or physicists who work in the laboratory or on board ship with geologists and geophysicists and this book will help them to understand the aims of their colleages' experiments. Wherever possible, without a loss of necessary precision, terminology is deliberately simplified.


Published: September 1968

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-012505-3


  • This is a well-illustrated text book dealing with aspects of marine geology and marine geophysics and aiming to introduce geology students and others to these fields.

    Geographical Abstracts


  • (partial) Geophysical techniques for exploration of the sea floor. The topography of the ocean floor. Pelagic sediments. Abyssal plain sediments. Movements of the sea floor. Igneous rocks of the ocean basins. The structure of the ocean basins. Polar wandering and continental drift.


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