An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy book cover

An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy

Paperback, 608 Pages

Published: January 1990

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-045591-1


  • "This outstanding contribution is anything but just another anatomy book. Aiello and Dean have filled a major gap in the literature of human evolution with this textbook of functional morphology for fossil hominids and modern great apes. Its uniqueness lies in a complete emphasis on subjects of concern in paleoanthropology, the use of an explicitly comparative approach, and a detailed discussion of the fossil record... Aiello and Dean have done a superb job. For human evolutionary anatomy, the state of the art has been measurably enhanced."

    "This extraordinary book combines the two related studies of human anatomy and human paleontology... [Aiello and Dean] weave the two subjects together and produce a text that not only is filled with information but is easily usable... It is especially useful that the authors have included an introductory section on taxonomy and classification... It is a book that I believe everyone interested in human evolution should own. My final comment is that if I had to make a selection of limited items to take with me to the field where I would be studying or searching for hominid fossils, this book would be on my list."
    --BECKY A. SIGMON, University of Toronto
    "A highly innovative hybrid between textbook and extended review, that will be an essential resource for advanced undergraduates and researchers in any related field...Aiello and Dean have performed a major feat in bringing together in the compass of one volume such a mass of information. A couple of hours with Aiello and Dean will save the researcher days and weeks in the library. I believe it will come to be regarded as one of the most important resources for anyone framing a new research project in early hominid studies."
    "Its unique blend of anatomy and paleontology will be extremely useful for a wide range of students and researchers in anthropology, anatomy, and paleontology....After reading through the vast array of topics covered by this book, one can't help but feel that the authors and the illustrator have done us a great service."
    --Mark F. Teaford, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY


  • An Introduction to the Fossil Record.Classification and Phylogenetic Reconstruction.Anatomical Nomenclature.The Microanatomy of Muscle and Bone.The Bones of the Skull.The Comparative Anatomy of the Hominoid Cranium.The Masticatory System of the Hominoids.The Microanatomy of Teeth.Hominoid Tooth Morphology.The Intracranial Region.The Anatomy of the Brain and Hominoid Endocasts.The Facial Skeleton of Hominoids.The Cervical Spine and Support of the Head.The Anatomy of the Vocal Tract.Bipedal Locomotion and the Postcranial Skeleton.The Comparative Anatomy of the Hominoid Thorax and the Vertebral Column.Bones.Muscles.Movements of the Upper Limb.The Hominoid Upper Limb (Excluding the Hand).The Hominoid Hand.Bones, Muscles and Movements of the Lower Limb.The Hominoid Pelvis.The Hominoid Femur.The Hominoid Knee Joint and Lower Leg.The Lower Leg.The Hominoid Foot.


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