An Introduction to Biological Membranes book cover

An Introduction to Biological Membranes

From Bilayers to Rafts

An Introduction to Biological Membranes: From Bilayers to Rafts covers many aspects of membrane structure/function that bridges membrane biophysics and cell biology. Offering cohesive, foundational information, this publication is valuable for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and membranologists who seek a broad overview of membrane science.


Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers in biology, cell biology, biochemistry, and biophysics.

Hardbound, 378 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-52153-8


  • "Stillwell…presents a textbook that discusses many aspects of membrane structure and function and bridges membrane biophysics and cell biology without delving into technical matters only specialists can understand. He writes primarily for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, but suggests that even specialists in some aspect of membranes might appreciate a broad overview of the whole field."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013


  • CHAPTER 1. Introduction to Biological Membranes

    CHAPTER 2. Membrane History

    CHAPTER 3. Water and the Hydrophobic Effect

    CHAPTER 4. Membrane Lipids: Fatty Acids

    CHAPTER 5. Membrane Polar Lipids

    CHAPTER 6. Membrane Proteins

    CHAPTER 7. Membrane Sugars

    CHAPTER 8. From Lipid Bilayers to Lipid Rafts

    CHAPTER 9. Basic Membrane Properties of the Fluid Mosaic Model

    CHAPTER 10. Lipid Membrane Properties

    CHAPTER 11. Long-Range Membrane Properties

    CHAPTER 12. Membrane Isolation Methods

    CHAPTER 13. Membrane Reconstitution

    CHAPTER 14. Membrane Transport

    CHAPTER 15. Membranes and Human Health

    Appendix A. Chronology of Membrane Studies


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