An Historical Geography of Ireland


  • B. Graham, University of Ulster at Coleraine, U.K.
  • L. Proudfoot, School of Geosciences, The Queen's University of Belfast, U.K.

An Historical Geography of Ireland offers students a comprehensive reassessment of the evolution of society and economy in Ireland, presenting an informed account of how that past illuminates the present. In this volume distinguished scholars synthesize recent research in Irish historical geography and economic history and present it in an explicit theoretical framework. Starting from the ninth century and continuing to the present it examines both the internal and external forces that have shaped Ireland.
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AUDIENCE: Third- and fourth year undergraduate and postgraduate students in geography, history, economic and social history.


Book information

  • Published: January 1993
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-294881-7


"A worthwhile and interesting read."

" The book is particularly suited for study at university level. The volume is greatly enhanced by a large number of well produced maps... This publication is a most welcome synthesis of recent work well-suited for the teaching and researching of Irelandshistorical geography."
"Taken as a whole the volume provides a timely syntesis which deserves a wide readership in geography, history, and European Studies."

Table of Contents

Contributors.Acknowledgements.List of Illustrations.List of Tables.B.J. Graham, Early Medieval Ireland: Settlement as an Indicator of Economic and Social Transformation.B.J. Graham, The High Middle Ages.T.B. Barry, Date Medieval Ireland: The Debate on Social and Economic Transformation.R. Gillespie, Explorers, Exploiters and Entrepreneurs: Early Modern Ireland and its Context.L. Kennedy and L.A. Clarkson, Secular Trends and Regional Variation in Irish Population.L.J. Proudfoot, Regionalism and Localism: Religious Change and Social Protest. L.J. Proudfoot , Spatial Transformation and Social Agency: Property Society and Improvement.S.A. Royle, Industrialisation, Urbanisation and Urban Society in Post-Famine Ireland.M. Turner, Rural Economies in Post-Famine Ireland.C.J. Houston and W.J. Smyth, The Irish Diaspora: Emigration to the New World.B. Collins, The Irish in Britain.W.J. Smyth, The Making of Ireland: Agendas and Perspectives in Cultural Geography.