An Analysis of the Information Technology Standardization Process book cover

An Analysis of the Information Technology Standardization Process

A number of important issues form the basis of this book: How can the Information Technology (IT) standardization process, leading to unified products which are needed on the market, be made more efficient? Which current IT standards are of high quality, what factors have led to that high quality, and can those factors be re-created for other IT standards? What improvements to the quality of IT standards are needed? Which organizations should be involved? What permanent changes in the IT standardization scene are necessary? At what point in the evolution of a technology is it appropriate to produce standards? Is strategic planning feasible in the current standardization approach? Diverse disciplines contributed to the findings in this book: computer scientists, standardization leaders and professionals, users and vendors, economists, auditors, software implementors, and communication specialists.


Published: January 1990

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-87390-3


  • The book chronicles a brave first attempt to provide an international forum where some of the complex problems that face IT standardization today were discussed.
    C. Cargill, Computer Standards & Interfaces


  • Findings and Recommendations (J.L. Berg). Invited papers: Keynote: Building Global Consensus for IT Standardization (L.D. Eicher). Information Technology Standards – Can the Challenges Be Met? (L.J. Rankine). The Standards Making Process (D. Hekimi). The Role of ETSI in IT Standardization (M.E. Brenton). The CECC System for Electronic Component Standardization and Certification: The Nuts and Bolts of Information Technology (R.A.M. van Kordelaar, C. Weaver). Information Technology Standardization (J.L. Bogod). Conformance Testing of IT Implementations (H.A. Tuinenburg). Contributed papers: Standards Making in Practice. Conformity I. CIM and Certification. Software Quality. Economics. Standards Making. Political Aspects. OSI Networking. Conformity II. Economic and Political Aspects. Magnetic Storage Media. Networking. Workshops: Buyers, Sellers and Standards. The Competitive Factors Influenced by Standardization. The Role of the User in the Standardization Process. Conformance Testing. Changing Peoples' Attitudes. New Methods and Additional Tools for IT Standardization. Resources for Standardization. Index.


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