Amylin book cover


Physiology and Pharmacology

Deciphers amylin's physiology and reveals previously unrecognized mechanisms fundamental to control body weight and fuel homeostasis. Also discusses therapeutic utility of amylin as the first new medicine to treat diabetes since insulin.

Endocrinologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, neuroscientists

Included in series
Advances in Pharmacology

Hardbound, 360 Pages

Published: December 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-032954-0


  • Section 1:Chapter 1. Historical BackgroundChapter 2. Tissue Expression and Secretion of AmylinChapter 3. Receptor PharmacologySection 2: Biological Action of AmylinChapter 4. Amylin and the Integrated control of Nutrient InfluxChapter 5. Inhibition of Food Intake Chapter 6. Inhibition of Gastric EmptyingChapter 7: Effects on Digestive SecretionsChapter 8. Inhibition of Glucagon SecretionChapter 9. Inhibition of Insulin SecretionChapter 10. Effects on Plasma Glucose and LactateChapter 11. Effects in Skeletal MuscleChapter 12. Effects in LiverChapter 13: Effects in FatChapter 14. Cardiovascular EffectsChapter 15. Renal EffectsChapter 16. Effects on BoneChapter 17. Central Nervous System and Other EffectsChapter 18. Clinical Studies


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