Amorphous Chalcogenides book cover

Amorphous Chalcogenides

The Past, Present and Future

Amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors have commercial value and have many uses such as image formation, including x-rays, and high-definition TV pick up tubes. They have widespread application in the microelectronics industry and amorphous metallic alloys also have useful magnetic properties.

This book focuses on their imaging applications and related properties. It examines the two groups of amorphous semiconductors that are of most commercial interest:

  1. the chalcogenide glasses
  2. the tetrahedrally bonded amorphous solids such as amorphous silicon, germanium and related alloys

Both of these groups may be conveniently prepared in the form of thin/thick films which is of considerable importance in applications where large-area coverage of flat or curved surfaces of rigid or flexible materials is desirable such as in photovoltaic arrays, X-Ray sensors, display screens and photocopier drums.

Researchers and postgraduate students in materials science and solid state physics.

Hardbound, 172 Pages

Published: September 2011

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-388429-9


    1. Preparation of Amorphous Selenium Photoconductor Films by Vacuum Deposition
    2. Molecular Structure Of Se-Rich Amorphous Films
    3. Effect Of Thermal Evaporation Conditions On Structure And Structural Changes In Amorphous Arsenic Sulfides
    4. The big Invention of the 20th century - Xerography
    5. Xerographic Spectroscopy Of Gap States: Se-Rich Amorphous Semiconductors
    6. Effect Of Antimony Alloying On Photoelectronic Properties Of A-Se
    7. High Definition Tv Pickup Tubes
    8. X-ray photoconductors for direct conversion digital flat-panel X-Ray image detectors


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