Ammonia, Amines, Phosphine & Arsine book cover

Ammonia, Amines, Phosphine & Arsine

Ammonia, Amines, Phosphine and Arsine in Organic Solvents

This volume presents a comprehensive collection and critical evaluation of solubility data published prior to June 1983 for the compounds of the title. A variety of techniques were used in the original determinations; the merits of these have been considered in the evaluation of the data. Emerging patterns of solubility behaviour for comparable systems are indicated. The editors believe that the book will both draw attention to areas where good data are lacking and stimulate further experimental work.

Of interest to physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemists, and chemical engineers.


Published: December 1985

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-026177-5


  • (partial) Foreword. Preface. The solubility of gases in liquids. Ammonia solubilities. Critical evaluation of data on amine solubilities. Methanamine solubilities. N-Methylmethanamine solubilities. N,N-Dimethylmethanamine. Solubilities of deuterated amines. Solubilities of other amines. Phosphine solubilities. Arsine solubilities. Stibine solubilities. Solubilities of silane, germane and stannane. System index. Chemical Abstracts registry number index. Author index.


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