Alcohol and Speech


  • Steven Chin, Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A.
  • David Pisoni, Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A.


Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and professors working in alcohol research, phonetics, speech recognition, human factors, and psycholinguistics. Linguists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, engineers, and forensic scientists. Also students in psychology, linguistics, law, and cognitive science taking courses in speech and experimental phonetics, advanced speech science, acoustic phonetics, law and society, human factors, speech perception, and speech science.


Book information

  • Published: February 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-172775-8


"The book provides a comprehensive review of the effects of alcohol on speech while comparing the various theoretical concerns that form this research. A special merit is the truly exhaustive survey of the relevant literature which also takes into account a significant number of studies which were written in and on languages other than English... The book thus serves as a single, unifying up-to-date reference source for those interested in speech motor effects evident in the acoustic records, reaction times, speech communication strategies, and perceptual judgments."
--HERMANN J. KENZEL, University of Trier, Budeskriminalamt Wiesbaden, Germany

"Scientifically characterizing the effects of alcohol on speech has important implications, as exemplified by the case of the Exxon Valdez. Alcohol and Speech will be the classic reference text on this important intersection between basic science and social issues."
--LINDA S. SOBELL, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"A very comprehensive treatise on alcohol and speech using the captain of the Exxon Valdez as the anecdotal model... The book is a meld of a broad array of disciplines each of which can contribute to a fundamental understanding of the specific effects of alcohol on speech... This book is unique."
--ROBERT F. BORKENSTEIN, Indiana University, Bloomington
"Chin and Pisoni bring to the reader a careful and complete assessment of the effects of alcohol on speech. The result of their scholarship should be of interest to anyone concerned with alcohol and speech, but the book also is a valuable reference for the general study of forensics and the effects of drugs on human behavior. This book sets a standard for the field and will surely find a secure place in the scientific and legal literature."
--RAY D. KENT, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"...this book is the first attempt to bring together the research on alcohol and speech, and is largely successful. As such it will serve as a good reference text for any of the readers of Addiction Biology interested in the link between alcohol and speech."
--JOHN FOSTER, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Kings College Hospital, U.K. in ADDICTION BIOLOGY

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Nature and Pharmacology of Alcohol:Introduction.Characteristics of Alcohol.Pharmacokinetics of Alcohol.Central Nervous System Pharmacodynamics of Alcohol.Speech Production and Speech Acoustics: Introduction.Speech Production.Speech Acoustics.Analysis Targets in Language and Speech.Research Methodology:Introduction.Research Paradigms.Subject Characteristics.Materials Elicitation.Quantitative Nonspeech Measures of Alcohol in the Body. Qualitative Nonspeech Measures of Alcohol in the Body. Quantitative Linguistic and Speech Measures.Qualitative Linguistic and Speech Measures.SummaryResearch Review I: 1915-1964:Overview.Dodge and Benedict, 1915.Hollingworth, 1923.Jetter, 1938a.Jetter, 1938b.Romano, Michael, and Merritt, 1940.Hartocollis and Johnson, 1956.Forney and Hughes, 1961.Kawi, 1961.Dunker and Schlosshauer, 1964.Research Review II: 1966-1982:Overview.Stein, 1966.Trojan and Kryspiner-Exner, 1968.Zamiv, 1969.Moskowitz and Roth, 1971.Sobell and Sobell, 1972.Lester and Skousen, 1974.Smith, Parker, and Noble, 1975.Andrews, Cox, and Smith, 1977.Beam, Gant, and Mecham, 1978.Fontan, Bouanna, Piquet, and Wgeux, 1978.Collins, 1980.Stitzer, Griffiths, Bigelow, and Liebson, 1981.Sobell, Sobell, and Coleman, 1982.Research Review III: 1985-1996:Overview.Pisoni, Hathaway, and Yuchtman, 1985.Pisoni, Yuchtman, and Hathaway, 1986.Higgins and Stitzer, 1988.Klingholz, penning, and Liebhardt, 1988.Swartz, 1988.Pisoni and Martin, 1989.Johnson, Pisoni, and Bernacki, 1989.Behne and Rivera, 1990.Johnson, Pisoni, and Bernacki, 1990.National Transportation Safety Board, 1990.Kunzel, 1990.Behne, Rivera, and Pisoni, 1991.Braun, 1991.Brenner and Cash, 1991.Pisoni, Johnson, and Bernacki, 1991.Eysholdt, 1992.Kunzel, 1992.Kunzel, Braun, and Eysholdt, 1992.Swartz, 1992.Johnson, Southwood, Schmidt, Mouli, Holmes, Armstrong, Critz-Crosby, Sutphin, Crosby, McCutcheon, and Wilson, 1993.Niedzielska, Pruszewicz, and Swidzinski, 1994.Watanabe, Shin, Matsuo, Okuno, Tsuji, Matsuoka, Fukaura, and Matsunaga, 1994.Holien and Martin, 1996.Cummings, Chin, and Pisoni, 1996.Summary.Case Study: The U.S. Tankship Exxon Valdez and Novel Scientific Evidence:Introduction.The Grounding and the Question of Alcohol.Speech Samples from the Captain of the Exxon Valdez.Speech Analysis in the Legal Setting.Summary and Discussion.Conclusions:Introduction.Summary of Results and General Conclusions.Alcohol, Speech, and Impairment.Future Research.Appendices. Glossary. References. Index.