Air Pollution Meteorology book cover

Air Pollution Meteorology

Written by a distinguished international scientist, who has made fundamental contributions on the climatic relationship between air pollution and meteorology, the book provides a compendium of realistic examples of air pollution behaviour. After commencing with a general survey he takes us through a study of diffusion mechanisms including pollution from industrial chimneys and road traffic. Air pollution meteorology covers boundary layer scaling, pre-processing meteorological data, air quality management, urban meteorology, and atmospheric chemistry (oxides of nitrogen are central to ozone chemistry) with accounts of typical air pollution episodes and a brief dictionary of air pollutants.

Paperback, 160 Pages

Published: February 2002

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-898563-93-8


  • The outstanding feature of this book is its extensive collection of photographs showing a variety of conditions that relate to pollution distribution in the air. ...Recommended for undergraduates, technical program students and general readers, Choice


  • The meteorological scene; Chimneys: Purpose and design; Dispersal in theory and practice; Acid rain and development of gas washing; Environmental costs and benefits: A matrix for comparison of sources; Technical dictionary of air pollutants; References and index.


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