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Agricultural Insurance

Theory and Practice and Application to Developing Countries

This book, which deals comprehensively with agricultural insurance, is the second edition of a book that was published in 1967. The book first deals with the nature of agricultural risks and their insurability. The second part describes the principles and practices of the main types of insurance currently applied to agriculture in different countries. The third and last part is a critical examination of the applicability of the techniques of crop and livestock insurance so far evolved in developed countries to developing countries, and also the possibilities of international reinsurance of national crop insurance systems.

For those studying the principles of insurance applied to agriculture; and for those wanting to establish forms of such insurance, particularly in the developing countries.


Published: May 1981

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-025787-7


  • (partial) Agricultural risks and their insurability: Risks in agriculture

    Different ways of meeting agricultural risks

    Insurability of agricultural risks

    Actuarial consideration of agricultural risks

    Insurance organizations with reference to agriculture: Private insurance

    Public insurance


    Crop insurance: Object and types of crop insurance

    Specific risk crop insurance: against hail

    All-risk crop insurance

    Livestock insurance: Importance and forms of livestock insurance

    Insurance of livestock: general

    Insurance of livestock against specific risks and slaughter stock

    Farm property insurance: Farm fire insurance

    Agriculture and forestry vehicles insurance

    Personal and liability insurance for farmers

    Agricultural insurance in developing countries

    Comprehensive bibliography.


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