Aesthetic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss book cover

Aesthetic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Your patients have fought the weight loss battle and won. Assist them in the final phase of body contouring using this new book as your guide. This beautifully illustrated atlas comprehensively examines techniques for managing aesthetic issues of the face and neck, breast, abdomen, arms, and legs commonly facing patients after bariatric surgery. Over 85 color illustrations and 500 full-color photographs display operative techniques, pre-operative appearance, and post-operative results, making this text not only practical but invaluable.

Plastic Surgeons

Hardbound, 208 Pages

Published: November 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-2952-6


  • Patient Evaluation
    1. Evaluation of the Weight Loss Patient
    2. Perioperative Management of the Weight Loss Patient

    The Face and Neck
    3. Approach to the Face and Neck after Weight Loss

    The Breast
    4. Approach to the Breast after Weight Loss

    The Abdomen
    5. Approach to the Abdomen after Weight Loss

    The Back
    6. Approach to the Lower Body after Weight Loss

    The Upper and Lower Extremities
    7. Approach to the Medial Thigh after Weight Loss
    8. Approach to the Arm after Weight Loss

    The Total Body Lift and Combined Procedures
    9. Approach to the Total-Body Lift
    10. Combined Procedures


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