Aerodynamics for Engineering Students book cover

Aerodynamics for Engineering Students

Already one of the leading course texts on aerodynamics in the UK, the sixth edition welcomes a new US-based author team to keep the text current. The sixth edition has been revised to include the latest developments in compressible flow, computational fluid dynamics, and contemporary applications. Computational methods have been expanded and updated to reflect the modern approaches to aerodynamic design and research in the aeronautical industry and elsewhere, and new examples of ‘the aerodynamics around you’ have been added to link theory to practical understanding.

Paperback, 740 Pages

Published: March 2012

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-08-096632-8


  • "The book is clearly written and can be confidently recommended as a general and comprehensive aerodynamics text for the use of students of aeronautical engineering."--Journal of Aerospace Engineering


  • Chapter 1:  Basic Concepts and DefinitionsChapter 2:  Fundamental Equations of Fluid MechanicsChapter 3:  Potential FlowChapter 4:  Two-Dimensional Wing TheoryChapter 5:  Wing theoryChapter 6:  Compressible FlowChapter 7:  Airfoils and Wings in Compressible FlowChapter 8:  Viscous Flow and Boundary LayersChapter 9:  Flow Control and Wing DesignChapter 10:  Propulsion DevicesAppendix A: Symbols and NotationAppendix BAppendix C: A Solution of Integrals of the Type of Glauert's IntegralAppendix D: Conversion of Imperial Units to Systeme International (SI) UnitsBibliographyIndex


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