Advances in Yarn Spinning Technology book cover

Advances in Yarn Spinning Technology

This book provides an invaluable single source of information on the advances in yarn spinning technologies. Advanced spinning systems are described and comparisons are made of the properties of the yarns produced, and resultant finished products, with those from conventional systems.

Part one provides an introduction to yarn fibre spinning and structure. Chapters discuss the principles of ring spinning and open-end spinning of yarns. Yarn structure and properties from different spinning techniques and yarn structural requirements for knitted and woven fabrics are also examined. Part two covers advances in particular yarn spinning technologies. Topics range from siro spinning to compact spinning technology and air-jet spinning. Final chapters explore how to minimise fibre damage which occur during spinning and the use of spin finishes for textiles.

With its distinguished editor and array of international contributors, Advances in yarn spinning technology is an important text for spinners, yarn manufacturers and fabric producers, as well as researchers, technicians, engineers and technologists in this sector of the textile industry.

Hardbound, 464 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-444-9


  • Part 1 Introduction to yarn spinning and structure: Overview of developments in yarn spinning technology; Fundamental principles of ring spinning of yarns; Fundamental principles of open end spinning of yarns; Blending and composite yarn spinning; Yarn structure and properties from different spinning techniques; Yarn structural requirements for knitted and woven fabrics. Part 2 Advances in particular yarn spinning technologies: Developments in ring spinning; Siro and solo spinning of yarns; Compact spinning technology for yarns; Rotor spinning of yarns; Friction spinning of yarns; Air-jet spinning of yarns; Hollow spindle spinning of yarns; Self-twist spinning of yarns; Minimizing fibre damage caused by spinning; Spin finishes for textiles.


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