Advances in Wrought Magnesium Alloys

Fundamentals of Processing, Properties and Applications

Edited by

  • Colleen Bettles, Monash University
  • Matthew Barnett, Deakin University, Australia

This important book summarises the wealth of recent research on our understanding of process-property relationships in wrought magnesium alloys and the way this understanding can be used to develop a new generation of alloys for high-performance applications.

After an introductory overview of current developments in wrought magnesium alloys, part one reviews fundamental aspects of deformation behaviour. These chapters are the building blocks for the optimisation of processing steps covered in part two, which discusses casting, extrusion, rolling and forging technologies. The concluding chapters cover applications of wrought magnesium alloys in automotive and biomedical engineering.

With its distinguished editors, and drawing on the work of leading experts in the field, Advances in wrought magnesium alloys is a standard reference for those researching, manufacturing and using these alloys.
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Practitioners in magnesium alloy material science and those working in the technology and application/manufacturing fields.


Book information

  • Published: April 2012
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-968-0


"...magnesium is one of the environment friendly materials due to its light weight resulting in significant negative environmental impacts, and this book covers this topic well."--International Journal of Environmental Studies, Vol 70, Issue 2-13

This is a comprehensive book with very recent research outputs and practical examples of application., International Journal of Environmental Studies
…should be required reading for all wrought magnesium researchers., Materials World

Table of Contents

Part 1 Types and properties of magnesium alloys: Current developments in wrought magnesium alloys; Deformation mechanisms of magnesium alloys; Twinning and its role in wrought magnesium alloys; Superplasticity in magnesium alloys by severe plastic deformation; Dynamic recrystallisation in magnesium alloys. Part 2 Processing of magnesium alloys: Direct chill casting of magnesium extrusion billet and rolling slab; Twin roll casting of magnesium; Enhancing the extrudability of magnesium alloys; Hydrostatic extrusion of magnesium alloys; Rolling of magnesium alloys; Forging technology for magnesium alloys. Part 3 Applications of magnesium alloys: Applications of magnesium alloys in automotive engineering; Biomedical applications of magnesium alloys.