Advances in Tuna Aquaculture book cover

Advances in Tuna Aquaculture

From Hatchery to Market

Advances in Tuna Aquaculture: From Hatchery to Market provides a broad overview of the current status of tuna species and the tuna aquaculture industry, addressing all basic and applied aspects of tuna biology, the global status of fisheries, and tuna aquaculture and hatchery development.

The book presents an overview of the state and challenges of tuna aquaculture, and offers essential processes and techniques for the seafood industry.

Both the advantages and challenges of finfish farming in specific regions throughout the world are discussed, offering the latest scientific methods and technologies to maximize efficiencies and production.


Researchers, professionals, and students of aquaculture, marine biologists, fisheries, policy makers, etc. anyone working in sustainable seafood

Hardbound, 368 Pages

Published: November 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-411459-3


  • Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Tuna Species Overview (on 3 or 4 commercially important tuna species with aquaculture potential)

    Chapter 3. Overview on current tuna hatchery and growout activities (countries, regions)

    Chapter 4: Hatchery Design, Technology and Operation: Broodstock Maintenance; Conditioned and Induced Spawning; Egg Collection and Incubation; Larval Rearing Techniques;

    Chapter 5: Tuna Nursery Techniques (Weaning, Grading, Handling)

    Chapter 6: Tuna Transfer, Transport, Shipping and Stoking

    Chapter 7: Tuna Growout Systems: Coastal, Open Ocean, Offshore (cages, etc.)

    Chapter 8: Environmental Issues of Tuna Aquaculture

    Chapter 9: Tuna Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding

    Chapter 10: Tuna Harvesting and Processing

    Chapter 11: Tuna Global Market and Marketing

    Chapter 12: Economic and Business of Tuna Aquaculture

    Chapter 13: Status of Tuna Fishery Stocks (ICCAT, IATTC, etc.)

    Chapter 14: Literature/references



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