Advances in the Study of Behavior book cover

Advances in the Study of Behavior

Volume 26

Advances in the Study of Behavior continues to serve scientists across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Focusing on new theories and research developments with respect to behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, and comparative psychology, these volumes foster cooperation and communication in these diverse fields.

Experimental psychologists studying animal behavior, comparative psychologists, ethologists, evolutionary biologists, and ichthyologists.

Hardbound, 484 Pages

Published: March 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-004526-6


  • "This volume presents in-depth literature reviews on diverse topics from the field of animal behavior. Each is highly detailed and heavily referenced."

    "The series is designed for psychologists, zoologists, and psychiatrists, but will also be a valuable reference for workers in endocrinology, neurology, physiology, ethnology, and ecology."
    Praise for the Series, --W. Rohner in BIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS


  • T.H. Day and A.S. Gilburn, Sexual Selection in Seaweed Flies.V.M. Janik and P.J.B. Slater, Vocal Learning in Mammals.K.B. Strier, Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology of Primates and Other Animals.M. Milinski, How to Avoid Seven Deadly Sins in the Study of Behavior.L. Smale, S. Nunes, and K.E. Holekamp, Sexually Dimorphic Dispersal in Mammals: Patterns, Causes, and Consequences.H.M. Arnold and N.E. Spear, Infantile Amnesia: Using Animal Models to Understand Forgetting.S.E. Fahrbach, Regulation of Age Polyethism in Bees and Wasps by Juvenile Hormone.G. Jones, Acoustic Signals and Speciation: The Roles of Natural and Sexual Selection in the Evolution of Cryptic Species.M. Eens, Understanding the Complex Song of the European Starling: An Integrated Ethological Approach.S.T. Boysen, Representation of Quantities by Apes.Chapter References.Subject Index.


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