Advances in the Study of Behavior

Edited by

  • H. Jane Brockmann
  • Charles Snowdon
  • Timothy Roper
  • Marc Naguib
  • Katherine Wynne-Edwards

Advances in the Study of Behavior was initiated over 40 years ago to serve the increasing number of scientists engaged in the study of animal behavior. That number is still expanding. This volume makes another important "contribution to the development of the field" by presenting theoretical ideas and research to those studying animal behavior and to their colleagues in neighboring fields.

Advances in the Study of Behavior is now available online at ScienceDirect full-text online from volume 30 onward.
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Graduate students and researchers who study animal behavior (ecologists, evolutionary biologists, geneticists, endocrinologists, pharmacologists, neurobiologists, developmental psychobiologists, ethologists, comparative psychologists).


Book information

  • Published: August 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374474-6


"The series is designed for psychologists, zoologists, and psychiatrists, but will also be a valuable reference for workers in endocrinology, neurology, physiology, ethnology, and ecology."--BIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS

Table of Contents

  1. Stress and coping mechanisms in female primates (Cheney and Seyfarth)
  2. Reciprocal altruism in primates: partner choice, cognition and emotions (Schino and Aureli)
  3. The dog as a model for understanding human social behaviour (Topal, Miklosi, Gacsi, Doka, Pongracz, Kubinyi, Zsofia and Cxanyi)
  4. Strategies for social learning: testing predictions from formal theory (Galef)
  5. Behaviour of a unisexual fish, the Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa) and its sexual hosts (Ingo)
  6. Alternative mating tactics in acarid mites (Radwan)