Advances in the Psychology of Religion book cover

Advances in the Psychology of Religion

This collection of previously unpublished papers, written by well known researchers in the psychology of religion, is unique in its broad coverage and in its comparison between quite different and strictly theoretical perspectives. The subjects range from theoretical analyses of social science perspectives on religion and its methods, to reports of experimental, correlational or descriptive studies of religious experience and attitudes. The emphasis throughout is on the directions in which this work might move in the future.

For post-graduate courses in the psychology of religion, and advanced undergraduates in social psychology and religious education.


Published: March 1985

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-027948-0


  • The book is excellent for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. It is a must for any serious scholar of the discipline.
    Journal of Psychology and Theology

    This book will undoubtedly become widely consulted and cited by other scholars in the field.
    American Psychological Association


  • Acknowledgements. Contributors. Introduction, L B Brown. New directions in the psychology of religion, M Argyle. Religiously based differences in approach to the psychology of religion: Freud, Fromm, Allport and Zilboorg, B Beit-Hallahmi. Social anthropology and the psychology of religion, P Heelas. Psychology of religion as the study of the conflict between belief and unbelief, A Vergote. Religious states of mind: a reversal theory interpretation, M J Apter. Non-experimental and experimental methods in the psychology of religion, J-P Deconchy. An S-O-R model of religious experience, H N Malony. Frame of reference as a prerequisite for the induction of religious experience through meditation: an experimental study, J van der Lans. Religious experience and its induction, D Hay. Social attitudes and religion, L B Brown. Personality and religion: theory and measurement, L J Francis. Brotherly love or self-concern? behavioural consequences of religion, C D Batson et al. Psychological and psychiatric studies of new religions, J T Richardson. Name index. Subject index.


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