Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Methods Reported in US Patents book cover

Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Methods Reported in US Patents

Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Methods Reported in US Patents provides synthetic guidelines for preparing current and commercially significant organic compounds, derivatives, and intermediates as reported in issued US Patents. Industries surveyed include agrochemical, cosmetics and personal care products. Each entry contains extensive information such as explicit laboratory directions for preparing all chemical intermediates and characterization data. Furthermore, product optimization studies, industrial preparation, and new synthetic methods have been included for selected entries, as well as projected research directions for future product development. In Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Methods Reported in US Patents the author's practical approach enables readers to identify research and market trends, and stay up-to-date on current developments in the field.

Organic chemists, Consultants, researchers and students in agrochemicals (such as pesticides), Cosmetics/personal care and the pharmaceutical industry

Hardbound, 704 Pages

Published: March 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044474-1


  • Functional GroupAcids and Derivatives, Alcohols, Aldols, Aldehydes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Amides, Amines, Aminoacids, Anthracenones, Aza and Diaza Bi- and Tricyclics, Aza Benzazolium Salts, Aza-Dihydroquinoxaline, Aza-Indolyls, Aza-Oxindoles, Azides, Aziridines/Diazirines
    Benzodiazopines, Benzoxazoles, Benzopyrans, Benzothiophenes, Benzotriazoles
    Carbamates/Ureas,Catalysis, Cumulenes, Cycloanhydrins,Cyclodextrane/dextrane, Cyclopentadiene,Cyclopropanes
    Formazan, Furazancarboxylic Acid, Furanones
    Imidazole, Imidazolidine, Imidazolone, Imidazoltriazionones, Imide Derivatives, Iminocarboxylic acid methyl amides, Indoles, Indoline,Isocoumarins,Isoxazolines
    Macrocyclic Rings, Morpholines
    Naphthopyans, Naphthyridines, Nitro Derivatives, Nitrones
    Organometallics, Orthocarbonates, -esters, and derivatives,Oxadiazines, Oxathiolanes, Oxazines, Oxazolidinones, Oxetanes, Oxetanones, Oximes Oxirane
    Phenols, Piperidine, Piperizines, Porphyrins, Pyrans, Pyrazoles,Pyridine, Pyridone and tetrahydropyridone , Pyrimidines, Pyrrols
    Radiolabelled Reagents
    Saccharides, Sugars, Sulfonamides, Sulfones, Sulfonylimides
    Tetrabenazine, Tetracyclines, Tetrahydrobenzoquinoxaline Diones, Tetrahydrobenzothiepines, Tetrahydroisoquinolines, Tetrahydroquinolines, Tetrazoles, Thiazoles, Thiophenes, Triazines, Triazoles, Trioxolanes

    Product UtilityAdditives, Analytical, Agents
    Catalysts and Methods, Chemical Intermediates, Cosmetics
    Electronic, Energetic Materials
    Free Radical Agents, Fungicides
    Liquid Crystals
    Parasiticide, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer Initiators, Prepolymers, Production and Industrial Preparations
    Radiolabelled Reagents


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