Advances in Space Biology and Medicine, Volume 1

Edited by

  • S.L. Bonting, Goor, The Netherlands

This first volume has contributions from the United States (4), the USSR (2), Europe (2), and Japan (1). They include studies of a fundamental biological problem aided by some space experiments, investigations of biological problems encountered in spaceflight, use of microgravity for a biotechnological purpose, and technical facilities developed for animal and cell research in space. Topics include: the effects of long-term space missions on the human body (Grigoriev, USSR); skeletal responses to microgravity (Morey-Holton an Arnaud, United States); gravity effects on animal reproduction, developments, and ageing (Miquel and Souza, Spain/United States); neurovestibular physiology in fish (Watanabe, Takabayashi, Tanaka, and Yanagihara, Japan); gravity perception and circulation in plants (Brown, United States); development of higher plants under altered gravitational conditions (Merkys and Laurniavcius, Lithunaia, USSR); gravity effects on single cells (Cogoli and Gmunder, Switzerland); protein crystal growth in space (Bonting, Kishiyama, and Arno, United States).
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Book information

  • Published: July 1991
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-1-55938-296-0

Table of Contents

Contents. List of Contributors. Introduction to the Series (S.L. Bonting). The Effects of Prolonged Spaceflights on the Human Body (A.I. Grigoriev, and A.D. Egorov). Skeletal Responses to Spaceflight (E.R. Morey-Holton and S.B. Arnaud). Gravity Effects on Reprodution, Development, and Aging (J. Miquel and K.A. Souza). Neurovestibular Physiology in RSH (S. Watanabe, A. Takabayashi, M. Tanaka, and D. Yangihara). Gravity Perception and Circumnutation in Plants (A.H. Brown). Development of Higher Plants under Altered Gravitational Conditions (A. Merkys and R. Laurinavicius). Gravity Effects on Single Cells: Techniques, Findings, and Theory (A. Cogoli and F.K. Gmunder). Protein Crystal Growth in Space (L.J. DeLucas and C.E. Bugg). Facilities for Animal Research in Space (S.L. Bonting, J.S. Kishiyama, and R.D. Arno). Index.