Advances in Research and Applications, 47 book cover

Advances in Research and Applications, 47

Hardbound, 494 pages

Published: September 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-607747-6


  • Whatever successes the series and its numerous supplements have in the main a result of Turnbulls enduring interest and detailed knowledge of all that goes on in the field.
    --FREDERICK SEITZ, Founding Editor, Solid State Physics


  • F. Spaepen, Homogeneous Nucleation and the Temperature Dependence of the Crystal-Melt Interfacial Tension. D. de Fontaine, Cluster Approach to Order-Disorder Transformations in Alloys. A.G. Evans and F.W. Zok,The Physics and Mechanics of Brittle Matrix Composites. R.C. Pond and J.P. Hirth, Defects at Surfaces and Interfaces. P.M. Levy, Giant Magnetoresistance in Magnetic Layered and Granular Materials. Author Index. Subject Index. Cumulative Author Index.


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