Advances in Quantum Chemistry book cover

Advances in Quantum Chemistry

Advances in Quantum Chemistry presents surveys of current developments in this rapidly developing field. With invited reviews written by leading international researchers, each presenting new results, it provides a single vehicle for following progress in this interdisciplinary area.

Quantum chemists, physical chemists, physicists

Hardbound, 348 Pages

Published: March 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374780-8


  • 1. Multi-Reference and Spin–Orbit Calculations on Photodissociations of Hydrocarbon HalidesProf. Ya-Jun Liu* and Prof. Wei-Hai Fang 2. Quantum Linear Superposition Theory for Chemical Processes: A generalized electronic diabatic approach. Prof. Orlando Tapia-Olivares3. Exact Signal-Noise Separation by Froissart Doublets in Fast Pad´e Transform for Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyProf. Dzevad Belkic4. Reflections on formal Density Functional TheoryMarcel Nooijen5. Multiple, Localized and Delocalized/Conjugated Bonds in the Orbita Communication Theory of Molecular SystemsRoman F. Nalewajski6. Quantum-Mechanical Methods for Loss-Excitation and Loss-Ionization in Fast Ion-Atom CollisionsProf. Dzevad Belkic


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