Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology book cover

Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology

Developments in potato chemistry, including identification and use of the functional components of potatoes, genetic improvements and modifications that increase their suitability for food and non-food applications, the use of starch chemistry in non-food industry and methods of sensory and objective measurement have led to new and important uses for this crop. Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology presents the most current information available in one convenient resource.The expert coverage includes details on findings related to potato composition, new methods of quality determination of potato tubers, genetic and agronomic improvements, use of specific potato cultivars and their starches, flours for specific food and non-food applications, and quality measurement methods for potato products.

Scientists, researchers, academics and graduate students working in food chemistry, agronomy, genetics, horticulture, and nutrition.

Hardbound, 528 Pages

Published: June 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374349-7


  • Introduction: Potato Tuber - An Introduction
    1. Potato Origin and Production
    2. Breeding, Genetics, and Cultivar Development
    3. Cell-wall Polysaccharides of Potatoes
    4. Structure of Potato Starch
    5. Potato Proteins, Lipids and Minerals
    6. Analysis of Glycoalkaloids, Phenolic Compounds and Anthocyanins in Potatoes
    7. Thermal Processing and Quality Optimization of Potatoes
    8. Advanced analytical techniques to evaluate the quality of potato and potato starch
    9. Textural and Rheological Characteristics of Raw and Cooked Potatoes
    10. Potato Starch and its Modification
    11. Fried and Dehydrated Potato Products
    12. Postharvest Storage of Potatoes
    13. Nutritional Value of Potatoes: Digestibility, Glycemic Index and Glycemic Impact
    14. Nutritional Value of Potatoes: Vitamin, Phytonutrient and Mineral Content.
    15. Novel Applications and Non-Food Uses of Potato: Future Perspectives in Nanotechnology
    16. Novel Applications and Non-Food Uses of Potato: Potatoes in biomedical/pharmaceutical and fermentation applications
    17. Potatoes for Human Life Support in Space


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