Advances in Parasitology

Series Editor:

  • David Rollinson, The Natural History Museum, London, UK
  • S.I. Hay, Professor of Epidemiology, Spatial Epidemiology and Ecology Group, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PS, U.K.

First published in 1963, Advances in Parasitology contains comprehensive and up-to-date reviews in all areas of interest in contemporary parasitology.

Advances in Parasitology includes medical studies on parasites of major influence, such as Plasmodium falciparum and trypanosomes. The series also contains reviews of more traditional areas, such as zoology, taxonomy, and life history, which shape current thinking and applications.

Eclectic volumes are supplemented by thematic volumes on various topics, including control of human parasitic diseases and global mapping of infectious diseases. The 2010 impact factor is1.683
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Researchers in parasitology, tropical medicine and entomology


Book information

  • Published: June 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-398457-9


"One is struck by the quality and scholarship of the various chapters and the obviously efficient editing."--PARASITOLOGY

"The policy of the editors of Advances in Parasitology to include reviews from any aspect of parasitology and the high standard of individual papers have resulted in this series of volumes becoming an indispensable source for students, teachers, and research workers."--ANNALS OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PARASITOLOGY

Table of Contents

  1. Northern Host - Parasite Assemblages: History and Biogeography on the Borderlands of Episodic Climate and Environmental Transition
  2. Eric. P. Hoberg, Kurt E. Galbreath, Joseph A. Cook, Susan J. Kutz and Lydden Polley

  3. Parasites in Ungulates of Arctic North America and Greenland: A View of Contemporary Diversity, Ecology, and Impact in a World Under Change
  4. Susan J. Kutz, Julie Ducrocq, Guilherme G. Verocai, Bryanne M. Hoar, Doug D. Colwell, Kimberlee B. Beckmen, Lydden Polley, Brett T. Elkin and Eric P. Hoberg

  5. Neorickettsial Endosymbionts of the Digenea: Diversity, Transmission and Distribution
  6. Jefferson A. Vaughan, Vasyl V. Tkach and Stephen E. Greiman

  7. Priorities for the Elimination of Sleeping Sickness
  8. S.C. Welburn and I. Maudlin

  9. Scabies: Important Clinical Consequences Explained by New Molecular Studies
  10. Katja Fischer, Deborah Holt, Bart Currie and David Kemp

  11. Chagas Disease Control in the Surveillance Phase

Ken Hashimoto and Kota Yoshioka