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Advances in Parasitology

First published in 1963, Advances in Parasitology contains comprehensive and up-to-date reviews in all areas of interest in contemporary parasitology. Now edited by J.R. Baker, R. Muller, and D. Rollinson, and supported by an international editorial board, Advances in Parasitology includes medical studies on parasites of major influence, such as typanosomiasis and scabies, and reviews of more traditional areas, such as zoology, taxonomy, and life history. Eclectic volumes are supplemented by thematic volumes on such topics as Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems in Epidemiology.

Researchers in parasitology, tropical medicine, entomology, zoology, and veterinary science

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Advances in Parasitology


Published: September 2003

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-031753-0


  • "...indispensable source for students, teachers, and research workers."—ANNALS OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PARASITOLOGY


  • Enzymes involved in the biogenesis of the nematode cuticleDiagnoses of human filariasesInteractions between tsetse and trypanosomes with implication for the control of trypanosomiasis


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