Advances in Organometallic Chemistry

Series Editor:

  • Robert West, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
  • Anthony Hill, Australian National University, Canberra

This widely-acclaimed serial contains authoritative reviews that address all aspects of organometallic chemistry, a field which has expanded enormously since the publication of Volume 1 in 1964. Almost all branches of chemistry and material science now interface with organometallic chemistry--the study of compounds containing carbon-metal bonds. Organometallic compounds range from species which are so reactive that they only have a transient existence at ambient temperatures to species which are thermally very stable. Organometallics are used extensively in the synthesis of useful compounds on both large and small scales. Industrial processes involving plastics, polymers, electronic materials, and pharmaceuticals all depend on advancements in organometallic chemistry. In basic research, organometallics have contributed inter alia to:* Metal cluster chemistry* Surface chemistry* The stabilization of highly reactive species by metal coordination* Chiral synthesis* The formulation of multiple bonds between carbon and the other elements and between the elements themselvesThis book is an essential reference work for the academic and industrial chemist and will provide up-to-date material at the cutting edge of chemistry research.
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Academic and industrial inorganic and organic chemists.


Book information

  • Published: March 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-031142-2


"This volume continues the series' exposition of timely and significant advances in the field."

"This is a very interesting collection of reviews, maintaining the expected standard of this meritorious series, which is now an obligatory purchase of all chemistry libraries attached to academic and industrial research laboratories."
"The volume maintains the traditional high standard of the series and ought to be considered essential for those involved in organo-transition metal chemistry research."

Table of Contents

K.H. Whitmire, Main Group-Transition Metal Cluster Compounds of the Group 15 Elements. W.M. Jones and J. Klosin, Transition Metal Complexes of Arynes, Strained Cyclic Alkynes and Strained Cyclic Cumulenes. H. Ogino and H. Tobita, Bridged Silylene and Germylene Complexes. I.R. Whittall, A.M. McDonagh, M.G. Humphrey, and M. Samoc, Organometallic Complexes in Nonlinear Optics I: Second-Order Nonlinearites. F. Gauvin, J.F. Harod, and H. Gweon Woo, Catalytic Dehydrocoupling: A General Strategy for the Formation of Element–Element Bonds. Subject Index. Cumulative List of Contributors Volumes 1–36. Cumulative Index Volumes 37–42.