Advances in Insect Physiology book cover

Advances in Insect Physiology

Locust Phase Polyphenism: An Update

Advances in Insect Physiology publishes volumes containing important, comprehensive and in-depth reviews on all aspects of insect physiology. It is an essential reference source for invertebrate physiologists and neurobiologists, entomologists, zoologists and insect biochemists. First published in 1963, the serial is now edited by Steven Simpson and Jerome Casas to provide an international perspective. This volume is a thematic volume focusing on locust phase polyphenism.


Entomologists, zoologists, insect biochemists, insect physiologists

Hardbound, 285 Pages

Published: September 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374828-7


  • 1. Introduction
    2. Insect polyphenism
    3. Density-dependent phase polyphenism
    4. Locust phase characteristics
    5. Morphology
    6. Anatomy
    7. Colouration and pigments
    8. Reproduction
    9. Endocrinology
    10. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    11. Behaviour
    12. Volatiles and volatile phermones
    13. Cuticular substances and contact phermones
    14. Factors that induce gregarious phase characteristics
    15. Factors that induce solitarious phase characteristics
    16. Transmission of phase from parents to progeny
    17. Ecology and ecophysiology
    18. Concluding remarks


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