Advances in Immunology

Edited by

  • Frederick Alt, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Laboratories, The Children's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

Advances in Immunology, a long established and highly respected publication, presents current developments as well as comprehensive reviews in immunology. Articles address the wide range of topics that comprise immunology, including molecular and cellular activation mechanisms, phylogeny and molecular evolution, and clinical modalities. Edited and authored by the foremost scientists in the field, each volume provides up-to-date information and directions for future research.
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Immunologists, infectious disease specialists, cell biologists and hematologists


Book information

  • Published: September 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-022488-3

Table of Contents

CD22: A Multi-Functional Receptor that RegulatesB Lymphocyte Survival and Signal TransductionTetramer analysis of human autoreactive CD4 positive T cellsRegulation of Phospholipase C-ƒ×2 networks in B lymphocytesRole of Human Mast Cells and Basophils in Bronchial AsthmaA novel recognition system for MHC class I molecules constituted by PIRDendric Cell BiologyThe Murine Diabetogenic Class II Histocompatibility Molecule I-Ag7: Structural and Functional Properties and Specificity of Peptide Selection RNAi and RNA-based regulartionof immune system function