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Advances in Heat Transfer

Advances in Heat Transfer fills the information gap between regularly scheduled journals and university level textbooks by providing in-depth review articles over a broader scope than in journals or texts. The articles, which serve as a broad review for experts in the field, will also be of great interest to non-specialists who need to keep up-to- date with the results of the latest research. It is essential reading for all mechanical, chemical and industrial engineers working in the field of heat transfer, graduate schools or industry.

Practicing engineers, researchers and academics in mechanical and thermal engineering

Included in series
Advances in Heat Transfer

Hardbound, 668 Pages

Published: August 2006

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-020039-9


  • Sonoluminescence and the Search for Sonofusion(R.T. Lahey Jr. et al.). Introduction
    Experimental Results(SBSL) Phonon Transport in Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Formulation and Thermal Conductivity Prediction (A.J.H. McGaughey, M. Kavianyi).Introduction
    Conduction Heat Transfer and Thermal Conductivity ofSolids
    Real and Phonon Space Analyses
    Nature of Phonon Transport in Molecular Dynamics
    Thermal Conductivity Prediction: Direct Method
    Concluding RemarksHeat and Mass Transfer in Fluids with Nanoparticle Suspensions (G.P. Peterson, C.H. Li). Introduction
    Experimental Studies and Results
    Theoretical Investigations
    SummaryThe Effective Thermal Conductivity of Saturated Porous Media (H.T. Aichlmayr, F.A. Kulacki). Introduction
    The Effective Thermal Conductivity
    Small Solid-Fluid Conductivity Ratios
    Intermediate Solid-Fluid Conductive Ratios
    Large Solid-Fluid Conductivity Ratios
    ConclusionMesoscale and Microscale Phase Change Heat Transfer (Ping Cheng, W.Y. Wu). Introduction
    Meso-/Microdevices Involving Phase Change Heat Transfer Processes
    Meso- and Microscale Phase Change Heat Transfer Phenomena
    Concluding Remarks Jet Impingement Heat Transfer: Physics, Correlations, and Numerical Modeling (N. Zuckerman, N. Lior).Summary
    Research Methods


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