Advances in Food and Nutrition Research book cover

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research recognizes the integral relationship between the food and nutritional sciences and brings together outstanding and comprehensive reviews that highlight this relationship. Contributions detail the scientific developments in the broad areas of food science and nutrition are intended to ensure that food scientists in academia and industry as well as professional nutritionists and dieticians are kept informed concerning emerging research and developments in these important disciplines.

Food scientists in academia and industry and professional nutritionists and dieticians

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: October 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-016450-9


  • "a very fine review of each of the main microorganisms that live in wine." - Bibiana Guerra, in WINE BUSINESS MONTHLY


  • Lactic Acid Bacteria and Their Uses in Animal Feeding to Improve Food SafetyMycotoxins in fruits: microbiology, occurrence and changes during fruit processingHuman Protozoan Parasites in Molluscan ShellfishRegulation of Human Immune and Inflammatory Responses by Dietary FattyAcidsBacteria Important During WinemakingBiosynthesis of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in Ruminants and HumansSafety Issues Associated with Herbal Ingredients


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