Advances in Engineering Fluid Mechanics: Multiphase Reactor and Polymerization System Hydr


  • Nicholas P Cheremisinoff, Consulting Engineer, Ph.D. (Ch.E.). Consulting engineer

This volume of the Advances in Engineering Fluid Mechanics Series covers topics in hydrodynamics related to polymerization of elastomers and plastics. Emphasis is given to advanced concepts in multiphase reactor systems often used in the manufacturing of products. This volume is comprised of 30 chapters that address key subject areas such as multiphase mixing concepts, multicomponet reactors and the hydrodynamics associated with their operations, and slurry flow behavior associated with non-Newtonian flows.
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  • Published: August 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-88415-497-6

Table of Contents

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS VOLUME viii; PREFACE xii; 1. The Viscosity of Liquid Hydrocarbons and their Mixtures 1; S. I. Sandler and H. Orbey2. Experimental Studies for Characterization of Mixing; Mechanisms 25J. K. Kim; 3. Physical Modeling of Axial Mixing in Slugging; Gas-Liquid Columns 49; J. R. F. Guedes de Carvalho, J. B. L M. Campos, and J. A. S. Teixeira4. Numerical Solution of the Permeation, Sorption, and Desorption Rate Curves Incorporating the Dual-Mode; Sorption and Transport Model 67; K. Toi5. Kinematic Viscosity and Viscous Flow in Binary Mixtures; Containing Ethane-1,2-Diol 79; L. Tassi; 6. Reaction of a Continuous Mixture in a BubblingFluidized Bed 105; N. R. Amundson and R. Aris; 7. Fluid Dynamics of Coarse Dispersions 119; Y. A. Buyevich and S. K. Kapbasov; 8. Combustion of Single Coal Particles in Turbulent; Fluidized Beds 167; P. K. Halder; 9. Flow of Solids and Slurries in Rotary Drums 193; H. A. Nasr-EI-Din, A. Afacan, and J. H. Masliyah; 10. Gas Phase Hydrodynamics in Circulating Fluidized; Bed Risers 255; G. S. Patience, J. Chaouki, and F. Berruti; 11. Boundary Conditions Required for the CFD Simulation; of Flows in Stirred Tanks 297 S. M. Kresta12. Role of Interfacial Shear Modeling in Predicting Stability of Stratified Two-Phase Flow 317 N. Brauner and D. M. Maron 13. Water Flow through Helical Coils in Turbulent Condition 379, S. K. Das. 14. Modeling Coalescence of Bubble Clusters Rising Freely, in Low-Viscosity Liquids 405, C. W. Stewart15. Oxygen Transfer in Non-Newtonian Fluids Stirred with a Helical Ribbon Screw Impeller 431, A. Tecante, E. B. de Ia Fuente, L. Choplin, andP. A. Tan guy, 16. Modeling of the Hydrodynamic Behavior of HighlyViscous Fluids in Stirred Tanks Equipped with Two-Blade Impellers 455C. Xuereb, M. Abid, and J. Bertrand, 17. Non-Newtonian Liquid Flow through Globe and Gate, Valves 487, S. K. Das, 18. Comparison of Numerical and Experimental Rheological, Data of Homogeneous Non-Newtonian Suspensions 507, V. Nassehi, 19. Concentration Forcing of Isothermal Plug-Flow Reactorsfor Autocatalytic Reactions 525, M. Chidambaram, 20. Non-Newtonian Effects in Bubble Columns 539, R. P. Chhabra, U. K. Ghosh, Y. Kawase, and S. H. Upadhyay, 21. Studies in Supported Titanium Catalyst System using Magnesium Dichloride-Alcohol Adduct 571, V. K. Gupta, S. Ravindranathan, and M. Ravindranathan, 22. Plasticizing Polyesters of Dimer Acids and 1,4-Butanediol 583, U. D. N. Bajpai and Nivedita, 23. Viscoelastic Properties of Model Silicone Networks, with Pendant Chains 599, M. A. Villar and E. M. Va lies, 24. Rheology of Water-Soluble Polymers used for Improved Oil Recovery 615, H. A. Nasr-EI-Din and K. C. Taylor, 25. Relation of Rheological Properties of UV-Cured Films, with Glass Transition Temperatures based on Fox Equation 669, M. A. All, M. A. Kahn, K. M. I. All, 26. Prediction and Calculation of the Shear Creep Behavior, of Amorphous Polymers under Progressive Physical Aging 683, R. O. E. Greiner and J. Kaschta, 27. Die Extrusion Behavior of Carbon Black-Filled Block, Copolymer Thermoplastic Elastomers 711J. K. Kim and M. H. Han, 28. Polysulfides 737, C. P. Tsonis, 29. Properties and Applications of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Blends 747, M. Yue and K. S. Chian, INDEX 763