Advances in Ecological Research

Global Change in Multispecies Systems: Part II

Edited by

  • Ute Jacob, Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Eoin O'Gorman

Series Editor:

  • Guy Woodward, Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London, UK

Advances in Ecological Research is one of the most successful series in the highly competitive field of ecology. Each volume publishes topical and important reviews, interpreting ecology as widely as in the past, to include all material that contributes to our understanding of the field. Topics in this invaluable series include the physiology, populations, and communities of plants and animals, as well as landscape and ecosystem ecology.
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Ecologists, environmentalists


Book information

  • Published: December 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-398315-2


"Important and innovative contributions to the subject and together have a breadth of approach that means that what they choose to put before their readers is likely to be of unusual interest or significance."--Plant Pathology

Table of Contents

  1. Climate Change and Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Food Webs
  2. Jordi Moya-Laraño, Oriol Verdeny-Vilalta, Jennifer Rowntree, Nereida Melguizo-Ruiz, Marta Montserrat and Paola Laiolo

  3. Impacts of Warming on the Structure and Functioning of Aquatic Communities: Individual- to Ecosystem-Level Responses
  4. Eoin J. O’Gorman, Doris E. Pichler, Georgina Adams, Jonathan P. Benstead, Haley Cohen, Nicola Craig, Wyatt F. Cross, Benoît O.L. Demars, Nikolai Friberg, Gísli Már Gíslason, Rakel Gudmundsdóttir, Adrianna Hawczak, James M. Hood, Lawrence N. Hudson, Liselotte Johansson, Magnus Johansson, James R. Junker, Anssi Laurila, J. Russell Manson, Efpraxia Mavromati, Daniel Nelson, Jón S. Ólafsson, Daniel M. Perkins, Owen L. Petchey, Marco Plebani, Daniel C. Reuman, Björn C. Rall, Rebecca Stewart, Murray S.A. Thompson, and Guy Woodward

  5. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Driving Match-Mismatch Dynamics During the Early Life History of Marine Fishes
  6. Myron A. Peck, Klaus B. Huebert and Joel K. Llopiz

  7. Marine Ecosystem Regime Shifts Induced by Climate and Overfishing - a Review for the Northern Hemisphere
  8. Christian Möllmann and Rabea Diekmann

  9. Perturbing a Marine Food Web - Consequences for Food Web Structure and Trivariate Patterns
  10. Marion Twomey, Ute Jacob and Mark C. Emmerson

  11. Biomanipulation as a Restoration Tool to Combat Eutrophication - Recent Advances and Future Challenges

    Erik Jeppesen, Martin Søndergaard, Torben L. Lauridsen, Thomas A. Davidson, Zhengwen Liu, Nestor Mazzeo, Carolina Trochine, Korhan Özkan, Henning S. Jensen, Dennis Trolle, Fernando Starling, Xavier Lazzaro, Liselotte S. Johansson, Rikke Bjerring, Lone Liboriussen, Søren E. Larsen, Frank Landkildehus, Sara Egemose and Mariana Meerhoff