Advances in Drug Delivery Systems, 6 book cover

Advances in Drug Delivery Systems, 6

The leading edge science presented at this symposium represents the best of international pharmaceutics, polymer science, biotechnology, molecular biology and cell biology research efforts. The book emphasizes the following areas of drug delivery research: improved methods of therapeutic administration, especially for proteins and peptides; novel delivery systems; advanced carrier and targeting systems; and new therapeutic concepts and carrier, receptor and cellular interactions and mechanisms for therapeutic applications.


Published: April 1994

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-82027-3


  • (Selected Papers.)

    Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Biologically engineered microstructures: controlled release applications (J.M. Schnur, R. Price, A.S. Rudolph). New approaches to targeting bioactive compounds (A.V. Kabanov, V.Yu. Alakhov). Mucosal delivery of macromolecules (C.D. Ebert et al.). Peptide and Protein Delivery. Control of the disposition profiles of proteins in the kidney via chemical modification (Y. Takakura, K. Mihara, M. Hashida). Drug delivery using biodegradable microspheres (H. Okada et al.). Biodegradable microspheres for the delivery of oral vaccines (J. Mestecky et al.). Targeting and Cellular Recognition in Drug Delivery. Approaches to improved antibody-and-peptide-mediated targeting for imaging and therapy of cancer (A.R. Fritzberg et al.). Antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (Adept) (K.D. Bagshawe). Targeting the vasculature of solid tumors (F.J. Burrows, P.E. Thorpe). Drug Delivery to the Brain. Encapsulated cells for sustained neurotransmitter delivery to the central nervous system (P.A. Tresco). Drug transport to the brain: in vitro versus in vivo approaches (A.G. De Boer et al.). POSTERS. Transmembrane Transport. Buccal administration of erythrocyte-ghosts-insulin in rats (A. Al-Achi, R. Greenwood, B. Waler). In vivo buccal delivery of calcitonin (S.J. Heiber et al.). Investigating the bioadhesive properties of polymer patches for buccal drug delivery (J.-H. Guo). Oral and Parenteral Delivery. Intravenous carriers for drug delivery to lymph nodes (M.I. Papisov et al.). Targeted conjugate between antimyosin and radiolabeled chelating polymer: influence of single site FAB-polymer bond on the conjugate performance (V.S. Trubetskoy et al.). Biopharmaceutics. The effect of charge on the biodistribution of synthetic branched polypeptides in tumour bearing mice (F. Hudecz et al.). Comparative in vivo and in vitro distribution of daunoxome and daunorubicin in P1798 lymphosarcoma cells (J. Adler-Moore et al.). Novel Therapeutic Delivery Systems. Lecitinized superoxide dismutase: an effective drug delivery system (R. Igarashi et al). Controlled release of insulin from boronic acid gel under physiological conditions (D. Shiino et al.). Delivery of cytotoxic drugs to cancer patients using low density lipoprotein (A.S. Breeze et al.). Liposome and Microsphere Transport and Delivery. Effect of lipid bilayer phase structure on solute partitioning (M.T. Marra-Feil, K. Knutson). Method for assessing the stability of proteinoid microspheres (R.A. Baughman et al.). Microencapsulation of mitomycin C for controlled delivery and targeting (T.L. Whateley et al.). Author Index. Subject Index. Calendar.


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