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Advances in Computers

Web Technology

This volume is number 67 in the series Advances in Computers that began back in 1960. This is the longest continuously published series of books that chronicles the evolution of the computer industry. Each year three volumes are produced presenting approximately 20 chapters that describe the latest technology in the use of computers today. Volume 67, subtitled "Web technology," presents 6 chapters that show the impact that the World Wide Web is having on our society today. The general theme running throughout the volume is the ubiquity of web services. Topics such as wireless access and its problems and reliability of web communications are emphasized.

Key features:

- In-depth surveys and tutorials on software development approaches.
- Well-known authors and researchers in the field.
- Extensive bibliographies with most chapters.
- All chapters focus on Internet and web technology issues.
- Discussion of wireless communication and forensic issues, currently important research areas.

Software practitioners and web developers. Also suitable for university courses on above topics.

Included in series
Advances in Computers

Hardbound, 346 Pages

Published: May 2006

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-012167-0


  • Preface.

    Chapter 1. Broadcasting a Means to Disseminate Public Data in a Wireless Environment - Issues and Solutions (A.R. Hurson, Y. Jiao and B.A. Shirazi).
    Chapter 2. Programming Models and Synchronization Techniques for Disconnected Business Applications (A. Leff and J.T. Rayfield).
    Chapter 3. Academic Electronic Journals: Past, Present and Future (A. Hovav and P. Gray).
    Chapter 4. Web Testing for Reliability Improvement (J. Tian and L. Ma).
    Chapter 5. Wireless Insecurities (M. Sthultz, J. Uecker and H. Berghel).
    Chapter 6. The State of the Art in Digital Forensics (D. Forte).


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