Advances in Clinical Chemistry book cover

Advances in Clinical Chemistry

Written by authors representing the diverse field of clinical chemistry and diagnostics, reviews in Advances in Clinical Chemistry cover a range of cutting-eduge research ranging from basic biochemical exploration to microarray technology.

Biochemists and clinical biochemists

Hardbound, 224 Pages

Published: April 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407681-5


    1. Folate and B12 in Prostate Cancer
    2. Simon M. Collin

    3. Mismatch Repair Proteins in Recurrent Prostate Cancer
    4. John Jarzen, Andrew Diamanduros and Karin D. Scarpinato

    5. Protein Antioxidants in Thalassemia
    6. Samir Awadallah

    7. Immune Complexome Analysis
    8. Kaname Ohyama and Naotaka Kuroda

    9. Genetics of Gallstone Disease
    10. Shih-Chang Chuang, Edward Hsi and King-Teh Lee

    11. Glycoprotein 2 Antibodies in Crohn’s Disease

      Dirk Roggenbuck, Dirk Reinhold, Lael Werner, Peter Schierack, Dimitrios P. Bogdanos and Karsten Conrad


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