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Advances in Clinical Chemistry

Volume 58 in the internationally acclaimed Advances in Clinical Chemistry contains chapters submitted from leading experts from academia and clinical laboratory science. Authors are from a diverse field of clinical chemistry disciplines and diagnostics, ranging from basic biochemical exploration to cutting-edge microarray technology.


Biochemists and clinical biochemists

Hardbound, 276 Pages

Published: July 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394383-5


    1. Highly Sensitive Troponin Immunoassays: Navigating Between the Scylla and Charybdis
    2. Giuseppe Lippi, Martina Montagnana, Rosalia Aloe and Gianfranco Cervellin

    3. Circulating Forms of the B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (Bnp) Pro-Hormone: Pathophysiologic and Clinical Considerations
    4. Aldo Clerico, Simona Vittorini and Claudio Passino

    5. Next Generation Natriuretic Peptide Measurement
    6. Ingrid Hunter and Jens P. Goetze

    7. Cytokines In Muscle Damage
    8. Anastassios Philippou, Maria Maridaki, Apostolos Theos and Michael Koutsilieris

    9. The Immune System - A Hidden Treasure for Biomarker Discovery in Cutaneous Melanoma
    10. Monica Neagu

    11. Neurophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin in Acute Kidney Injury
    12. Konstantinos Makris and Nikolaos Kafkas

    13. Urinary Metabolomics in Newborns and Infants
    14. Vassilios Fanos, Roberto Antonucci, Luigi Barberini and Luigi Atzori

    15. Antihypertensive Role of Polyphenols

    Ramón Rodrigo, David Gil, Andrés Miranda-Merchak and Georgios Kalantzidis


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