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Advances in Child Development and Behavior

Volume 46 of Advances in Child Development and Behavior includes chapters that highlight some the most recent research in this area.

A wide array of topics are discussed in detail, including internalization and socialization, infants' discovery of structure, adolescents' theories of the commons, lesbian and gay parenting, early childhood and family interventions, predicting aggression, causal inference in early development, pubertal development, the impact on children of parental deployment to war, vocabulary development for English learners in the early grades, and adaptive tool-use in early childhood.

Each chapter provides in-depth discussions, and this volume serves as an invaluable resource for developmental or educational psychology researchers, scholars, and students.

Developmental or educational psychology researchers, scholars, and students.

Hardbound, 400 Pages

Published: March 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-800285-8


  • 1. Demystifying Internalization and Socialization:  Linking Conceptions of How Development Happens to Organismic-Developmental Theory
    Catherine Raeff
    2. Adolescents’ Theories of the Commons
    Constance Flanagan and Erin Gallay
    3. LGB-Parent Families: The Current State of the Research and Directions for the Future
    Abbie E. Goldberg and Nanette K. Gartrell
    4. The Impact of Parental Deployment to War on Children: The Crucial Role of Parenting
    Abigail H. Gewirtz and Osnat Zamir
    5. Shining Light on Infants’ Discovery of Structure
    Jennifer K. Mendoza and Dare Baldwin
    6. Development of Adaptive Tool-Use in Early Childhood: Sensori-Motor, Social, and Conceptual Factors
    Gedeon O. Deák
    7. Edge Replacement and Minimality as Models of Causal Inference in Children
    David W. Buchanan and David M. Sobel
    8. Applying Risk and Resilience Models to Predicting the Effects of Media Violence on Development
    Sara Prot and Douglas A. Gentile
    9. Bringing a Developmental Perspective to Early Childhood and Famly Interventionists: Where to Begin
    Anne E. Hogan and Herbert C. Quay
    10. Vocabulary Development and Intervention for English Learners in the Early Grades
    Doris Luft Baker, Stephanie Al Otaiba, Miriam Ortiz, Vivian Correa and Ron Cole


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